The Miracle of San Gennaro – Tomatoes from Campania – 1.27 Lb

Cultivating delicious tomatoes is hard work. The tomatoes are harvested when very ripe from July to September. They are collected only in the evening when the sun is setting. This is how Sabato Abagnale grows his tomatoes near Sant’Antonio Abate in the Agro Nocerino-Sarnese area between Naples and Salerno on the lower slopes of Mount Vesuvius National Park. These “pelati” or peeled tomatoes are not really peeled. The tomatoes long ripening period and the small amount of water used for irrigation in the last 15 days on the vine, make the flesh compact, pulpy, and perfectly attached to the skin. During cooking, the skin dissolves, amalgamating with the pulp and leaving the flavor unaltered. Its truly exceptional, unmistakable flavor is, well, practically a miracle. These tomatoes are produced in limited quantity. They have a delicate taste with a perfect sweet/acid balance.

Quick facts

  • From the fertile hills of Mount Vesuvius in Campania, Italy
  • Highest percentage of San Marzano gene available on the market
  • Juicy, aromatic and fleshy
  • Hand picked only when ripe by Sabatino Abagnale
  • A glass jar of 580 gr – 1.27 lb

Top reviews

wine country gal

This is a great product! Delicious! Really added flavor to my spahetti sauce, and also enough for a bit to my chili! Very tasty!
TieshaAlexander, NY