The Organic Coffee Co. Ground, Java Love, 12 Ounce

Our “Organic Coffee Co.” brand is pure, organic coffee bliss. Real Simple Magazine even named it as among the very best coffees they sampled. We offer 100% certified, organic coffee beans, organic decaf coffee, and organic flavored coffees. As with all Rogers Family Company coffees, our coffee tastes so good because we go directly to the source to buy our coffee from premier organic farms, and we grow our own organic coffee on our own unique and bio-diverse farms in Panama. We stand for premium, sustainable, fair and direct trade coffee and tea at prices you’ll love!   We like to say our products are grown for good. Our Community Aid Program has restored thousands of acres of rainforest by farming only with shade grown farms, and planted our own coffee on our own organic farms.

Quick facts

  • An exotic and syrupy blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees
  • Our coffee tastes so good because we go directly to the source to buy our coffee
  • Grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides
  • Grown responsibly and Fairly Traded coffee
  • USDA certified organic

Top reviews

OK, but Weak.

For about six months, I really thought I liked this coffee, and then I realized that I was adding way more cream than is usual for me. This is because the coffee doesn’t taste very good, so I have stopped buying it. Granted, it is better than freeze-dried crystals or stuff from the gas station, but really, is that saying much?
KyleWatkins Glen, NY

Folgers is better

I got this coffee at a local market when our whole beans stocks dwindled…. My husband and I are both coffee ‘snobs’ we had to wean ourselves of our Peets habit when we moved from California last year.

This coffee is sub-standard, dried out, tasting of dish water. Instead… try a Green Mountain coffee like the Espresso blend or the Newmans blends

LorrettaProspect, PA

Really enjoyed this…

I’ve really enjoyed this coffee.

I purchased the 3 pack, because I included 1 pack in a wedding gift, thought the whole “Java Love” title would be cute with the coffee maker we were giving them. We usually drink Green Mountain, but wanted to use the 2 packs we had left of this. We’ve been really happy with it. Not too strong, but strong enough, nice flavor. I found it to be a little stronger than the Green Mountain VT blend, but in a good way.

I’m ordering it again right now!

GidgetRockton, PA