The Original Bosco Chocolate Syrup – 22 oz Squeeze Bottle all nature

Bosco Chocolate Syrup – Tastes great on ice cream and turns your regular milk into a delightful tasting chocolate milk!   Easy to use 22 oz. plastic squeeze container.  Bosco Chocolate Syrup contains no fat, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives.  You might even notice a hint of malt extract flavor. Bosco is the ideal ice cream “glue” which makes those “Jimmies” really stick to your scoop of ice cream during the summer. Squirt a little Bosco syrup on the top of your ice cream cone and enjoy that old-time flavor!  Ideal for mixing with ice cream to make that perfect “smoothie” – not quite totally guilt free but you’ll feel better after a work out.  You don’t have to be a health conscious consumer to enjoy these syrups. Treat yourself today. The Bosco brand has been around since 1928 with its all natural formula, colorful and unique packaging in an easy to use plastic squeeze bottle.  Bosco syrups are available in a variety of flavors such as Bosco Chocolate, Bosco Strawberry, Bosco Berry Blue and Bosco Caramel that can be used on just about anything.  Turn your glass of ho-hum cold white milk into a Bosco mug of chocolate.  Use the other flavors to create a rainbow of colors.  Some people even dip their candy into Bosco syrup!  Yikes! The same great flavor you remember as a kid hasn’t changed; same 1928 recipe, same 1928 goodness.  Made with natural cocoa and malt extract.  Share some with your kids!  You might have tried Hershey and Nestle Quick syrups – but Bosco Chocolate syrup always seem to taste just a little better.  Perhaps it might be a more “chocolatey” taste – or it looks just a little different – some describe it as just a little darker or richer.  The product is a very cost-effective way to have fun with any dessert, a hot beverage or just to show your kids (and grandkids too) that you once how much fun making a dessert can be.

Quick facts

  • Enjoy the taste of your youth !!!
  • Each plastic squeeze bottle contains 22 oz.
  • Delicious chocolate malt flavor for milk or desserts
  • Made with natural cocoa and malt extract for unmatched flavor
  • Bosco, the flavor supreme in milk drinks and dessert sauces, is back!

Top reviews

NOT “All Natural”!!!!

I used to love Bosco. My mom used to buy it for all of us kids. I loved it so much, my mom used to say, “Let’s go, Bosco!” when we were ready to leave somewhere. I was saddened when it was no longer available in my area.

Fast forward to 2012…I discover to my utter delight that Bosco can still be purchased and is available online! I ordered some, it comes in the mail, I’m so excited to share this great tasting stuff with my kids and to my incredible disappointment, I find that they’ve begun using High Fructose Corn Syrup (for the record, I didn’t purchase it at Amazon which does list the ingredients…I found it elsewhere accidentally before even thinking of checking here). That stuff is horrible for you. Among it’s many crimes, it tells your brain you’re still hungry after you’ve eaten and tells your pancreas to stop producing insulin (which of course would eventually lead to diabetes…hmmm, gee, seeing as how Coke & Pepsi have been using it for 25 years, I wonder why there’s been a rise in cases in that length of time?). It also is clinically linked to the obesity problem in this country.

To make matters worse, Bosco claims on their label that the product is “All Natural” which is completely false if the product contains HFCS since HFCS is made using two genetically modified enzymes, therefore NOT “all natural”.

I’ll order Fox’s U-Bet if I ever want chocolate syrup (delicious stuff with ZERO HFCS), but when it comes to chocolate milk, I’ll stick to Ovaltine for me and the kids. Not only is it nice and light (not heavy syrupy), but it also contains vitamins (Bosco contains some B vitamins, but the use of HFCS, in my opinion, negates that).

Be warned, it’s not your daddy’s Bosco!

LaiRoseland, VA


was surprised this product was still available. grew up drinking bosco syrup and my fav. so, I had to order!!! it doesn’t taste as great as when I was a kid, and I guess that’s to be expected sometimes. still good though and doesn’t effect that it arrived early, and really packaged well, and safe. really happy with that.
JenifferDownieville, CA