The Original Ceylon Tea Company, English Breakfast Tea, 25-Count Tea Bags

The original Ceylon Tea Company offers some of the best tea in the world for the price. A bright, amber tea that is refreshing and thirst-quenching. Drink black, or with a little touch of milk, or with lemon. Box contains 25 unwrapped sachets. Our English Breakfast Tea is a full-bodied, rousing way to start the day. Based upon age-old recipes, we use only the finest high mountain-grown 100% pure Ceylon black tea to take a classic blend to new heights. Brew for breakfast, or anytime of the day.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 25-count tea bags (total of 150-tea bags)
  • A full-bodied, rousing way to start the day
  • The finest high mountain-grown 100% pure Ceylon black tea are used to take a classic blend to new heights
  • Brew for breakfast, or anytime of the day

Top reviews

Best English Breakfast I’ve had

My local grocery just stopped carrying this tea. I was so happy to find it here. It is by far the best and most flavorful English Breakfast I’ve ever had. Very very special
LasandraElmira, NY


If you are a tea enthusiast, do yourself a favor, and try this delicious product. I am spoiled for life. No more Lipton!!
There is an amazing aroma and depth of flavor that I’ve not found in other brands, and I’ve tried them all.
The first time I served this tea to my [usually distracted] typical teen-ager girls, they asked, “What is this tea? It’s delicious.” Even they noticed its superiority to my usual cuppa.

The Original Ceylon Tea Company Black Ceylon Tea, English Breakfast, 25 bags

WilfredNovelty, OH

The very best breakfast tea on earth. Try it and be thrilled!!

The first time I drank tea I was nine years old. Six decades on, I’ve never stopped. For many years all I knew about was Lipton’s. Then I vacationed in England and had real Ceylon tea. The Brits drink it with milk but I didn’t pick that up. I packed several hundred bags into my return suitcase and headed home. After about a year I tried to find equal quality Ceylon Breakfast Tea bags locally. There’s a peculiar organic “Ceylon” tea that uses round tea bags. Nope. A fancy French Ceylon Tea that only comes in leaf form from Beverly Hills. Not bad, but too much trouble in the morning. There was Twinings, but they stopped supplying **Ceylon** Breakfast Tea and now peddle an inferior “English” Breakfast Tea. And there have been others. Then, searching the Web, I found this little specialist company “The Original Ceylon Tea Company.” I’ve bought dozens of boxes since. Their English Breakfast Tea is BEAUTIFUL! That is the only word to use for a tea that is so pure in taste, without any of the muddiness that’s in Indian teas or the dull singlemindedness of a Lipton’s. If you would like tea that has the complexity of a good red wine, that is not overloaded with tannins but still has fullness and flavor depth, you have to try this tea. The little importer who provides this tea does have his own website, but now that the tea is here on Amazon you don’t need to explore further. Add a “six-pack” of this to your book order, brew it with boiling water, sit back, and say AAAAH! And leave me a “thank you” here, please. I am just a tea lover who has no business connection to The Original Ceylon Tea Company except as a customer who hopes they stay in business as long as I can sip.
ChongLetha, ID

Good flavor

I’ve tried most of the “English breakfast” blends readily available, and this one is among the best. However, I like my tea strong, and I find that I must use two of these teabags per cup. Tazo Awake brews a stronger cup of tea is my current favorite.
AngelinaYutan, NE