The Original Ceylon Tea Company, Mango Tea, 25-Count Tea Bags

Nothing beats iced tea for pure liquid refreshment on a hot summer day. And nothing beats the exquisite taste, color and aroma of pure, high mountain-grown tea from The Original Ceylon Tea Company.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 25-count tea bags (total of 150 count)
  • 100% high mountain-grown black Ceylon tea

Top reviews

fantastic tea!

After searching high and wide for a good mango tea, I somehow tripped on The Original Tea Company. Seeing they were located in Dallas, I hoped I could easily purchase in town to try… unfortunately I could not find a single store in town selling the Mango flavor I wanted (other more popular flavors can be found)… calling the company I learned that they had moved their offices out of Dallas and only a warehouse was left in town – BUT they sent me some (free) samples to try… loving the tea AND finding it available on Amazon I was thrilled… having to buy 150 bags at a time is no problem as I generally make iced tea a half gallon at a time using 4 bags. Great tea, great company!
MistyMayview, MO


This is pretty good tea. I use it to make iced tea. I will usually use two of these tea bags with a few of the cheap plain tea bags in order to make mango tea that doesn’t taste like mango juice. Good stuff at a great price.
DaynaGarvin, MN

Makes great iced tea!

This tea arrived today. I opened the first box and immediately made a pitcher of iced tea using four bags. I’m in trouble now… the tea was so good I’ve had almost half the pitcher. No way I’m falling asleep tonight!
WilletteSilverthorne, CO


Tea is not very flavorful. Kind of bland. I wanted to return it and couldn’t. I didn’t like the return policy had only 7 days to return and missed it by 1/2 a day.
LuciaBrisbane, CA