The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg Butt Massage, 3.08-Ounce Jars


Quick facts

  • You’ll love the flavor that the blend of paprika, mild chilies, garlic and other seasonings gives your meat.
  • Be sure to rub it in good before cookin’!
  • Pick some up today!

Top reviews

Love the lady and her butt rub

I smoke meats and this is the best product to put on pork ribs. What a great dry rub. I let them sit over night in the fridge with this rub, smoke them for about 6 hrs. slowly, then brush them with some Grandma’s Molasses (not a lot)and continue to smoke them for another couple of hrs. The best tasting ribs in town!! oh, I add a little Spanish smoked paprika to the mix and it is great. Thanks Paula!
RacquelBlair, SC