the Peelu Co. Chewing Gum, Peppermint, 300-Count

the Peelu Co. Chewing Gum, Peppermint, 100 – Count

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Peppermint BURST

This new Peelu is not like the Peelu I’ve been missing from my favorite health food store. I thought maybe the company had gone out of business, since I could not find Peelu anywhere. The shape, taste, and texture is different. When they say “peppermint burst” on the package, they mean it. The peppermint is VERY strong. Although I still like Peelu better than most gums I’ve tried, I prefer a more mild peppermint experience. This peppermint burst will wake up your sinuses. The chew is stiff, but softens after a while. Will I order this product again? Yes. But, I wish I could trade it for the old Peelu.
GladySomonauk, IL

I like it!

Peelu disappeared from the health food store for a while and came back like this. Better! It is a different shape, but that is OK with me. It reminds me of “Mentos” in shape. Round. The peppermint is pretty strong–makes me sneeze sometimes! All in all, this is pleasant to chew, good for snapping, a fresh blast of flavor. I even like the bottle with 100 pieces in it. (My husband discovered my Peelu and is chewing it now too.) I am ordering another 300 pieces today.
July, 1012, and update. The company has reduced the size of the gum from 1.5 grams per piece to 1.25 grams. That’s 75 grams less for a bottle of 300 pieces of gum! Believe it or not, the smaller gum makes a difference and I don’t enjoy chewing it nearly so much. It is also harder to “snap”. Not pleased.
ChristiaGood Thunder, MN