The Pepper Plant Seasoning 11 oz.

The Pepper Plant Seasoning, 11 ounces. Mild seasoning created from The Pepper Plants Original California Style Hot Pepper Sauce. Add to soup sauces or stews, or as a rub when grilling meats. Great sprinkled on popcorn too!!

Quick facts

  • The Pepper Plant Seasoning
  • Created from The Pepper Plants Original California Style Hot Pepper Sauce
  • Use in soups, stews, or as a dry rub for meats

Top reviews

We love it

This seasoning is supposed to taste like The Pepper Plant sauce, and I think it does.
According to the ingredients are salt, chili peppers, garlic, onion, spices, parsley.
Besides putting this on food at the table, we like it on popcorn, and use it a lot
in cooking where you might use a dash of cayenne or black pepper.
EthaSandyville, WV

Shh! This is my secret!!

I almost hesitate to give a review because this is my “secret ingredient” in so many things.

My husband is from SLO and when we first met I thought it was so weird that the only thing he wanted from his mom for birthdays and holidays was Pepper Plant Sauce (I don’t do spicy so I never tried it). Then he got some of the seasoning. Now I understand. We use it in and on everything – eggs, steaks, popcorn (tip – put it in the butter!), chilli, black beans, soups, cooked vegies, tuna salad, guacamole, develed eggs (my fave). Somehow almost every time I am “making up” some sort of savory recipe, this stuff makes it in there. Just 2 weeks ago I had the idea to make dip with cream cheese, sour cream, the sauce and some seasoning. It was a total hit at the play off party. I just made it again today for our pre-superbowl potluck at work and got rave reviews again. Heck – while typing this up I had the thought that the seasoning would make an awsome variation to garlic bread or crostini. Mmm – I might have to try that tonight. You have to promise not to tell anyone though!

LucreciaSarver, PA

Awesome seasoning!

My buddy turned me on to this stuff during a visit out to Monterey, California. I purchased some there locally and brought it back from vacation with me…and now I use this seasoning on everything. It has an excellent flavor, without too much heat. I use it on meat, vegetables, pasta…you name it. Highly recommended!
FletcherMoran, KS

not painfully hot, very tasty

I’ve liked the hot sauces from The Pepper Plant for a while, so I thought I’d give the seasoning a try. It’s not the hottest seasoning, and I think that’s a plus with this stuff — this seasoning is more of the smokey-salty-spicey pepper variety, and it’s a good combination. I haven’t tried it on popcorn like another reviewer (it sounds like a good idea!), but so far it’s good on meat, mashed potatoes, even mac & cheese — anything you want to add a bit of flavor to, plus a little kick.
SimoneSouth Hamilton, MA

Surprisingly Good–Unbelievable On Barbecue

Taylor’s Market Rules!!! This product surprised me, even though I’ve been using Pepper Plant sauces for over 20 years. I got my first bottle of this seasoning and couldn’t believe what it did to the barbecued steaks. My wife likes it even more than I do, which is totally unexpected. There’s no way we’ll run out of it.
AlainaGlasgo, CT

First Ingredient on the list is SALT

Just be aware…..the first ingredient on the list is salt. I don’t find this product very peppery, hot or spicy. It is a disappointment.
PaulCayuse, OR