The Republic Of Tea Ginger Peach 100% White Tea, 50 Tea Bags, Fancy Peach And Spicy Ginger Tea

The Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach 100% White Tea is a fan favorite for its delicate flavor and gorgeous fragrance. Delicious served both hot and as iced tea, the fine white tea is light, sweet, and smooth, adding a perfect complement during any time of day. With virtually no caffeine content, ginger and peach blend seamlessly to create an unforgettable infusion. For thousands of years, Chinese folk legends have looked to peaches for longevity, making this beverage a classic favorite. To make this pure white tea, simply heat fresh water right before a boil, pour over tea, and steep for 30-60 seconds with tea bags and 2-3 minutes with full-leaf tea.

Quick facts

  • A Beautiful Blend: Sweet peach is seasoned with a sprinkle of spicy ginger to offer an unmatched taste and a lovely fragrance.
  • World’s Rarest Tea: With tiny yields and big demand, this 100% white tea is only grown in the Fujian Province of China where white downy buds are picked just two days of the year.
  • Rich in Antioxidants: White tea is the least processed of all tea varietals and retains more of its antioxidants, known as polyphenols.
  • Finest Ingredients: Made with 100% white tea, ginger, and natural peach flavor for a perfect taste.
  • Caffeine: A natural low caffeine flavored tea blend to enjoy day or night.

Top reviews

Republic of Tea – Ginger Peach and Ginger Peach White – YUMMMY

I guess we have all been conned into believing tea cannot be good from a bag. You have to be a true snob to believe that after you’ve had Republic of Tea. I’ve tried at least a dozen and, so far, my favorites are Republic of Tea Ginger Peach and Ginger Peach White bagged teas. It’s a bit expensive but, if having a smooth and flavorable cup of tea is your thing, this is The Tea for a delightful morning brew. The smell is exquisite and the taste is soothing and full-bodied. It has no bitter aftertaste, no sting, no bite. Just wonderful taste and small. You’ve love it!
PeteAneta, ND