The Republic of Tea, Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea, 36-Count

The Republic of Tea’s Good Hope Vanilla Red Tea blends the richness of rooibos tea with the sweetness of vanilla flavor and vanilla beans. The unique infusion will leave your taste buds dancing and your stomach wanting more! Naturally caffeine-free, this red tea comes from South Africa and brings a flavorful punch without being overwhelmingly sweet. High-quality ingredients and a smooth taste build upon one another with each sip. To steep, simply heat filtered water to a boil, pour over tea, and steep for 5-7 minutes.

Quick facts

  • Rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine free
  • Rooibos is indigenous to South Africa, often referred to as Cape of Good Hope
  • We offer a blend of rooibos blended with vanilla beans offering a sweet and satisfying brew

Top reviews

Interesting tea

I like this tea but it is only a 36-count (most are 50) and my girlfriend does not like it so I’m giving it four stars.
CoreyHalma, MN


This tea is absolutely the best! I prefer it plain, but can add honey/soymilk. It is a unique taste compared to green or white tea and none of the caffeine! My boyfriend is not a tea drinker, but once I had him try it, he was hooked. So it is definitely a good tea.
EneidaLostant, IL

Comforting and satisfying – perfect winter drink!

Love, love, love this tea! I’m on Weight Watchers, so I have a cup at night sweetened with a stevia product. Add a pack of 100-calorie fudge grahams, and it’s the best snack out there that tastes decadent, but isn’t.
GiuseppinaWalton, NY

Great on cold winter nights

I like English style black tea and iced American teas but the ones I drink In addition to french press coffee have caffeine and I probably drink too much of these as it is. So I really enjoy the option of the delicious red tea, especially at night. The health benefits are also a reason. This is a wonderful tasting tea. This tea is also easier to prepare than some because you just use boiling water. Some like white tea (which is also good should be made at a lower temp, and as far as I know oolong teas are the same. I just boil a glass of water in microwave til boiling then drop tea bag(s) in the cup. I use two bags in 12oz cup.
DorettaFalls City, TX


This tea came exactly as expected. Package was clean and intact. Tea smelled fresh and tasted wonderful. This tea has a hint of vanilla blended perfectly with African Rooibos. It has a full bodied earthy taste. I love this tea.
LiliMalvern, AR

Great Taste

This tea is my favorite right now. I love the vanilla in this tea. You can taste it, but it isn’t overwhelming. It tastes great even without sweetener.
SherieMissouri City, TX