The Republic of Tea, The Peoples Green Tea Decaf, 50-Count

The Republic of Tea’s The People’s Green Tea Decaf will bring harmony and good spirit into your home. With a beautiful green color that is vibrant and refreshing, this decaffeinated beverage is the perfect treat morning, afternoon, or night. Fans of this decaf green tea point to its calming nature and smooth taste as some of the best attributes of this brew. To make The People’s Green Tea Decaf, simply heat filtered water just before a boil, pour over tea, and steep for 1-3 if using a tea bag and 2-4 minutes if using full-leaf tea.

Quick facts

  • Decaffeinated Delight: The People’s Green Tea is a fan favorite for its light, refreshing, and smooth flavors.
  • Finest Ingredients: Featuring elements from China, this delicious green tea is made from green tea leaves in an all-natural decaffeination process.
  • Health Benefits: Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher Certified, Gluten-Free, Sugar Free and Carb Free.
  • This beautifully hued, decaffeinated tea is celebrated for its refreshing, smooth flavor and incredible health benefits.
  • Deliciously Revitalizing: With a calm, yet invigorating nature, this decaf green tea will leave you feeling happy and relaxed.

Top reviews

Yummy, and Decaf to boot.

I have been drinking decaf green tea daily (even multiple times a day) for over a decade. I’ve been through several brands, and started drinking the Republic of Tea’s The People’s Green Tea Decaf. a little over two years ago. I really love it. It is not bitter, which green tea can be, yet is strong enough to taste like something (I despise weak tea), and that something is GOOD. 🙂 Give it a try, I bet you’ll like it.
YukoHayneville, AL

Another favorite…

I like the smoothness of this green tea. It has a mild-to-strong flavor, but mellow enough to enjoy in the morning.

I can’t say enough about how the container keeps the pods nice and fresh until the last one is used. Also, the container’s presentation is of a high-end and gourmet look.

If you need an even boost in the morning or afternoon, I recommend the “Green Tea” variety.

HelenePaskenta, CA