The Simpsons Duff Energy Drink Six Pack

Perfect gift for any fans of the Simpsons! Replica of Duff Beer from the cartoon, only this is an energy drink.

Quick facts

  • Six 12oz cans.

Top reviews

Product Good, Shipping Horrible

I should start out by saying that the product itself is awesome.
Very well made and looks the same in person as it does online.
(not to mention the mere sight of the can has the power to make any simpson fan nerdgasm. Myself included.)

Unfortunately, buying from this seller was not fun.
I placed my order and was told it would take up to two weeks to arrive.
Two weeks later I get an email saying that I had an unshippable address and my order couldn’t go through.
Thankfully my credit card wasn’t charged, but it was a huge inconvenience and disappointment.
I ended up buying it from the IndyCDStore here on this site, and I suggest you give that a shot if the transaction with BostonAmerica goes sour.

Good Luck!

OrphaHeavener, OK


I’m so glad I found Duffs in a 6-pack, it was perfect. Hilarious present for my sister who really likes the Simpsons.
CletaSaint Clair, MI