The Spice Lab’s 5 Pounds – Gourmet Fleur De Sel Real French Finishing Sea Salt – First Harvest

This Natural sea salt is an exceptional Fleur de Sel. This requires the Plaudiers (salt rakers) to use only wooden tools to gather the salts. The beautiful light grey crystals are easily seen through the Salt. Fleur De Sel de Guérande is known as “the caviar of salts” and is accepted by many chefs as the best of all sea salts. The crystals form on the very top layer of the salt ponds and are harvested by barely skimming the surface. True “Fleur de Sel” can only originate from Guérande just as authentic champagne can only come from the Champagne region of France. It has a delicate flavor, a moist texture, and a rich, sweet flavor that melts as it touches the tongue. Not only is this among the best tasting salts, it also has the highest mineral content and is naturally low in sodium making it delicious and healthy. Fleur de Sel is a natural compliment to steamed/grilled veggies, salads and roasted or baked meats.

Quick facts

  • Imported by TheSpiceLab Inc. – Fleur De Sel Sea Salt From France
  • This sea salt is an exceptional Fleur de Sel.from France
  • The beautiful white crystals are easily seen through the Salt.
  • Use as a finishing salt on roasted vegetables and grilled meat

Top reviews

Great Salt, Good price

I bought a pound of this salt and I love it. It is a great finishing salt, very delicate and flavorful. Gets lost in the pan, so save it for the final splash. It comes in a zip top bag for storage. It is medium fine grain and small flakes, moist and white to slightly grey. The package says Premium, Fine, No. II by Le Tresor. I have had better salt direct from Guerande, but it cost more.
KenyettaForkland, AL