The Sprout House Large Empty Hemp Bag for Sprouting Beans and Grains, 25 Ounce

You are purchasing the large empty hemp bag for sprouting beans and grains from the sprout house. No seeds, no directions. Measures 10 inches wide by 11.5 inches long.

Quick facts

  • 100% hemp bag
  • No seeds, no directions
  • Grow your own beans and grains
  • Portable, take your sprouts to work or play
  • Easy to use for sprouting fresh beans and grains

Top reviews

beats the jars in my opiniom

very satisfied! bought right after the jars and my conclusion is this product is my preference by far longer more robust sprouts seems as though you harvest twice as many. I believe the amount of oxygen available versus the jars is the advantage of the hemp sprout bag. I most definitely recommend this product.
EileneEstillfork, AL