The Sprout House Organic Sprouting Seeds Speckled Snow Pea for Shoots

You are purchasing 1 lbs of Certified Organic Non-GMO Speckled Pea for Shoots. These seeds need to be sprouted for 10 days before they are ready to eat. Cut above the pea-line. They can replace lettuce for you. Great as a basis for salads, in raw sprouted soups or on your favorite sandwich. We ship all seeds by the

Quick facts

  • Purchase Certified organic Non-GMO sprouting seeds only .
  • These seeds grow terrific pea shoots.
  • Extra high in taste – beware, they may become your favorite
  • Mild tasting sprout that is easily digeted and great for juicing.
  • Fresh vegetable to your table in just a few days.

Top reviews

Not Quite the Same as Pea Shoots

I am a devoted fan of sprouts, so I thought I would try the speckled peas. They were okay, but you need to steam them briefly to bring out their flavor. Since I like the raw sprouts better, I’ll only give them a rating of 3.
LinetteChinchilla, PA