The Switch Sparkling Juice, Black Cherry, 8-Ounce Cans

The Switch is a great tasting healthy alternative to soda. The Switch is 100% juice that is carbonated and contains 100% of DV of Vitamin C. It has no sugar added and contains nothing artificial. Its just juice, bubbles and Vitamin C. You’ll love The Switch because it has the bold taste and nutritional value of a fortified juice, with the carbonated refreshment of a soda. The Switch is 100% of what you want in a soda, and 0% of what you don’t

Quick facts

  • Pack of 24, eight-ounce cans of The Switch 100% Sparkling Juice–Black Cherry
  • Real cherry juice infused with carbonation
  • Two servings of fruit in each can
  • 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C
  • No added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, sweetners, or colors. Great for home consumption or as an offering at restaurants or cafes.

Top reviews

I’ll drink, but I won’t switch!

Note: The zeros were cast by a troll and her gang, not real and decent people, and are against me personally and not the book or the review!

Switch is a new, delightfully tasting carbonated drink. I love the equal blend of black cherry flavor–light and refreshing, with the light kick of the fizz of carbonation and the bubble feel in my mouth! In fact, that’s how Switch bills itself: A perfect balance between juice and carbonation. That’s my rave over this new drink.

Now here’s my reluctance to embrace the drink with five stars. I poured the 8.3 fluid ounces into a small glass (I have a huge collection of mismatched, but adorable clear glasses of all sizes, including this little bowl wine glass I removed from a college cafeteria in France many years ago). The glass held the contents of this tall, thin can of cheery cherry drink perfectly. But wait, by the time I quaffed the contents, I held the glass askance and asked: Is that all? I want more!

In comparison my favorite beverage, Zero Sprite, holds 12 fluid ounces, a perfect amount to quench my thirst after a few hours working in the yard. I add ice to Sprite and don’t care if it is watered down, but this Black Cherry Switch? No, one does not want to water down this exotic flavor. It must be drunk straight.

As for its can slogan: “100% of what you want and 0% of what you don’t,” I’m not sure about that. Let’s examine it. “What you want” is “100% juice, 100% RDA Vitamin C, All natural, Carbonated, Great taste and refreshment.” I agree with all of those. So far, so good.

Let’s look at “what you don’t” want: “No sugar added, No corn syrup, No preservatives, No artificial colors, and Gluten free.” True on all those.
Next the label. This is where it gets confusing. Total fat 0g, Sodium 15mg, Total Carbs 35g, Sugar 33g, Protein 0g, and 130 calories. The 33 grams of sugar can be confusing. If none was added, then the 33g must come with the natural juice. And Switch does bill itself on 100% juice.

In comparison my Sprite can contains 38g of sugar and 140 calories. I thought Zero Sprite contained zero sugar. My bad. I didn’t read the label. It is free of caffeine, fat, cholesterol, fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, but no mention of sugar, which I assume comes from the corn syrup.

I’m no nutritionist, but it seems that drinking Switch is much better than drinking a Zero Sprite, except that the can is larger so you get more.

I would change those four stars to five now, except 8.3 Fl OZ still is not quite enough for one drink.

Will I switch? No, but I will add Black Cherry Switch to my fridge for an occasional delightfully refreshing drink when I don’t need more. Or else, I will have to trudge up to the headmaster, hold out my cup, and plead: “May I have more, sir?”

Wouldn’t that be embarrassing at my age?

RolandaSchwenksville, PA


I was not impressed with this product enough to become a regular buyer. I did enjoy black cherry soda as a child of the 50’s when the soda man would come around but this did not measure up to that standard. It was “okay” and if I was offered it as a guest in someone’s home I would not refuse it.
DelindaJerome, AR

Better with a splash of vodka

The carbonation is there, but the flavor tasted watered down to me, and at 130 calories per can, a soft drink would taste a lot better. It is pretty expensive also, or I might consider it as a mixer, which of course defeats the purpose of it being healthy. All in all, it is rather disappointing.
RikkiMerit, TX

Soda Juice II

In the Beginning there was Fruit Juice, and there was Soda Pop, and never the twain should meet… unless you mixed them yourself. But then somebody got the Great Idea — when reconstituting fruit juice after Pasteurization, why not reconstitute it with carbonated water? Thus was born…

Soda Juice!

And I tasted it, and it was Good! Frankly, I found Black Cherry, Kiwi Berry, and Watermelon Strawberry pretty similar in taste, Orange Tangerine more distinctly tart, but I enjoyed all of them.

In the cans you have 5 other flavor choices: The Switch Fruit Punch, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), The Switch Grape, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), The Switch Kiwi Berry, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), The Switch Orange Tangerine, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), and The Switch Watermelon Strawberry, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24).

Since virtually nothing is added, the slight nutritional differences must be due to the characteristics of the different juices being used. Fruit Punch, Orange Tangerine, and Watermelon Strawberry have the highest calories, 140; Kiwi Berry is next, 135; Black Cherry is next, 130; and Grape has the lowest, 125. Orange Tangerine and Watermelon Strawberry have the highest total carbohydrates, 36g; Black Cherry and Fruit Punch are next, 35g; Kiwi Berry is next, 34g; and Grape has the lowest, 33g. Finally Watermelon Strawberry has the highest sugars, 35g; Fruit Punch and Orange Tangerine are next, 34g; Black Cherry and Kiwi Berry are next, 33g, and Grape is the lowest, 32g.

Note: all of these are fruit juice blends so those with fruit juice health concerns need to be aware of more than just the title juice. All contain acerola, apple, and grape juice. In addition to their title juices Kiwi Berry contains raspberry and strawberry, and Fruit Punch contains cherry, lemon, and pineapple. Orange Tangerine also contains soy.

Compare and Contrast: a similar product is worth considering: Izze All Natural Sparkling Juice, Apple, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), Izze All Natural Sparkling Juice, Blackberry, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), Izze All Natural Sparkling Juice, Clementine, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), Izze All Natural Sparkling Juice, Grapefruit, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24), and Izze All Natural Sparkling Juice, Pomegranate, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24). The difference? The Izze products are fortified with vitamins: B6 and Niacin in addition to C and have roughly three fifths the calories, total carbohydrates, and sugars of The Switch products.

LeontineLetcher, SD

Ugh, too sweet

I can’t tell who this is targeted to, but it doesn’t seem to fit kids or adults, in my opinion.

It’s a small, skinny can – just 8.3 ounces, compared to a typical soda can at 12 ounces. It’s all juice and there’s no sugar added, as promised. But there’s still 33 grams of sugar, compared to 35 grams in a full sugar version of regular Coca Cola. They also aren’t kidding about not full carbonation. It’s not exactly flat, but it’s close to it, and it actually needs the carbonation to cut down on the sweetness. This is some seriously thick-tasting juice to my palate.

This is something like an amped up Welch’s, according to my taste buds – slightly more complex tasting, but not as interesting as a Snapple or any one of the similar individually bottled fruit drinks out there. It’s hard to describe, but with a less sweet juice, you can pull the flavors apart and say, tell the kiwi and strawberry apart in the drink. This isn’t that kind of juice.

The “black cherry” is made up of apple, grape, acerola and cherry juices – reconstituted – with filtered sparkling water, so it’s not particularly bad stuff, but aside from the 100% daily dose of vitamin C you get, there’s nothing here to recommend it over a glass of orange juice either.

Sorry, if I want a carbonated fruit drink, I’d rather add ginger ale to a Snapple or Sprite to CranApple or something – this is just way, way too syrupy, even for a kids’ drink. Maybe it’s being targeted as something convenient and fun for kids, but it’s an awful lot of sugar for an alternative to soda.

TiffanyChaplin, KY


Full of flavor and punch! I cannot believe that this is all natural! Tangy and juicy – not too sweet. No extra sugar or other junk! Great size — a treat indeed! However, teh price would most likely keep me from purchasing….
AliceSwanton, OH

Belch juice

That’s what I would’ve called it.

Anyways, there’s not much to describe as it tastes exactly like you are probably imagining. Cherry flavored juice with added carbonation. I admit I was curious to see what 100% carbonated juice would taste like as opposed to something like a lemon-lime soda that contains almost all water and almost no juice. My first impression is that they made a good decision in keeping the carbonation lighter than the average soda (still enough for a belch or two). My second impression is 100% juice just doesn’t taste good carbonated. I think I would have preferred the juice just by itself. Finally, at approximately one dollar per can I would most likely skip this for a sixteen ounce bottle of juice at roughly the same price if I were in the grocery aisle.

JasminHodge, LA

Not for me.

I chose a cherry flavor to test, because I like cherry tasting candy and beverages. I came home from work today tired, thirsty and ready for a break. I was happy to find The switch had arrived, and it was already nice and cold since it is a really cold day.

I sat down with my laptop and my switch ready to take a break. I took a nice long drink and found that this tasted nothing like black cherry to me. I reminds me more of Robitussin cough medicine. Another flavor might be more tasty, but I won’t be purchasing this product for myself. I will stick to the much for refreshing and flavorful IZZE beverage.

JessieHartford, KY

Wow! Better than I expected!

My wife and I shared our first can of The Switch tonight with dinner. First we noticed the size of the can. It’s just a bit shorter than a Coke can, and about half as big around. The pop top worked well, opened very easily. We enjoyed The Switch black cherry drink with our meal of baked tilapia, steamed zucchini, and a wonderful homemade tomato broth with tortellini and sausage.

The color of the drink was quite pleasing. We joked that it looked like a sparkling rose’ with a hint of amber. We swirled our drinks and inhaled the bouquet. We noticed there were no artificial odors. It smelled faintly like a fruit juice of some sort–though no distinct whiff of cherry.

The carbonation was light, but not too light. For us it was just right. The flavor reminded me of the black cherry sodas we had at home when I was growing up–just a tiny bit lighter and a bit less sweet. All in all, this was a pleasant drink, tasted fine, and contained nothing more than some fruit juice concentrates, water, and ascorbic acid. We both enjoyed it.

KristyBuffalo, KY


OK folks: I have to tell you I’m one of these people that tries every kind of black cherry soda I can find. Once upon a time, in the days before colas and Dr. Pepper were totally dominant in the market, and before the days of Mountain Dew, Black Cherry sodas were plentiful. It’s harder to find them now. And if you were fan of black cherry, some sodas were super artificial in taste, and others tasted more natural. The Switch beverages are among the best on the market and the good news is: The Switch Black Cherry is one of their best flavors. The only bad news is that The Switch cans are small and you’ll want to have more and more. It’s natural tasting, has good, natural ingredients and it gives you a natural energy boost. And if you haven’t tried black cherry…the BEST WAY is to try it drinking The Switch Black Cherry. You’ll become hooked. Take THAT colas and Dr. Pepper!
ColinImlaystown, NJ

Not A Bad Alternative To Soda, But Not A Great One Either

My first impression on this particular drink when I first tasted it was that it reminded me a bit of the “Shasta Black Cherry” soda that I drank occasionally as a kid, although nowhere near as carbonated. Unlike the “Shasta Black Cherry,” this drink did not have the lingering carbonated fizz that your typical sodas have, and a very pleasant surprise was the fact that I didn’t get any disgusting soda burps after drinking it. You know the kind I mean, when you burp and you could swear that you just swallowed a week old dead skunk tail first. I also didn’t get any real aftertaste when drinking it either.

Now coming in at 8.3 ounces, the calories in this drink are reported at 130 calories per can. By comparison, a 12 ounce can of Pepsi comes in at 150 calories per can. So, on the calorie front I wouldn’t say that there is much of a difference between this drink and Pepsi, although if you do the math, this drink would actually have more calories than Pepsi if you compared them in equal amounts. However, if you look at the list of ingredients in both, you can see where this product is far better for you than your traditional sodas, although obviously not as good for you as drinking an actual 100% pure fruit or vegetable juice.

To put in plainly and succinctly, this is a fairly good tasting beverage and is definitely one I would consider drinking over the more traditional sodas that are currently available. However, the one primary detractor to this is the size of the can compared to the price.

The one thing that I had not quite decided on whether it is a negative or a positive is the size of the can, which as I stated earlier comes in at 8.3 ounces compared to your traditional cans of soda that come in at 12 ounces. In addition to the size of the can, there is also the consideration of price, coming in at roughly $1.00 per can which is considerably more expensive than your average can of soda. Therefore, when you take the size of the product combined with the price, I would have to say that it is a definite negative and would probably keep me from purchasing this product.

If they created 12 ounce cans and lowered the price, then I would be more apt to purchase this product.

Shawn Kovacich
Author of the Achieving Kicking Excellence series.

EffieDeweyville, TX

Not enough Black Cherry, too much filler juices

The initial taste does hint of black cherry, but then the apple and grape juice filler comes to fore and dominates the after-taste. It has a slight metallic taste and is not very pleasant. The carbonation offers no benefit in the taste or feel category. The price is high – about $1 per 8 oz can. If I want juice, I’ll stick with real juice without the carbonation.
ErminiaCoffee Springs, AL

A healthy and refreshing drink

This drink packs a taste wallop, which continues some time after you have swallowed the last drop. Furthermore, there is no unpleasant aftertaste, what you feel at the beginning is what you taste at the end. The taste is also a good one, the apple, grape, acerola and cherry juices in combination with the carbonated water really activates the taste buds. I also found it refreshing with no sugar or caffeine buzz arriving a few minutes after I consumed it. A healthy drink, I will continue to drink it in the future.
KristoferHartford, MI

Sweet and tart – The Switch Black Cherry is a yummy treat, but it’s soooo sweet.

The Switch says that their sodas have no added sugar – but it’s a bit of a dodge because they add a ton of concentrated fruit juices (apple, grape, and acerola join cherry fruit juices). All that sugar totals a whopping 33 grams in an 8.3 oz can – far more than, say, Cocoa Cola for the same volume (27g). The black cherry flavor, however, is tart and real and true and its yumminess transcends all that (natural) sugar. The color is real too – a lovely brick red with a hint of fruity opaqueness. The carbonation is light and feels right. All in all, The Switch Black Cherry is a real treat. It tastes just like the cherries in the cherry pie I get at the diner. Sweet and rich, with a lovely dose of tartness; there’s no false note in this big rich flavor at all. The only downside is the cloying sweetness that creeps in the aftertaste. 35 grams of sugar is just too much. If they had toned it down a bit this would be a much better product, in my opinion.
StaciaAlleyton, TX

Better than Soda but NOT Better for you.

Switch markets itself as an alternative to soda. It is essentially carbonated fruit juice with no added sweeteners. I do agree that if you are a person who drinks a lot of soda or have child who does, switching to his would be the better alternative.
BUT – this drink is not healthy by any means, the amount of fruit juice required for it’s tastiness results in a HIGH sugar and calorie content for a fruit juice. You would not want to drink 5 of these in a day and the better option would be a piece of fruit with less calories and sugar.

I do love the black cherry flavor best!

SamiraSunapee, NH

Switch Black Cherry – 8.3 Ounce Can

I probably prefer the orange / tangerine flavor a bit over this one. However, since the can itself is so easily carried, I just might want to take one can of both when I’m on the go. Again, the product is sugar-free, 100% juice and carbonated. Both flavors are distinctive – I have to say.
AlisonThompson Falls, MT

Extremely Sweet

I tried this because I’m not a big fan of soda. I drink mostly water, but like something different now and again. I thought 100% juice would be a healthier alternative, and the can is a reasonable serving size (8.3 ounces/130 calories).

Switch Black Cherry tastes exactly like cherry Juicy Juice, only lightly carbonated. So I imagine people who like JJ will appreciate Switch. Unfortunately, like Juicy Juice, it is extremely sweet. I almost didn’t finish the can because it was so sweet. For kids who love soda, this may be a good alternative – it does have 100% daily Vitamin C. However, I prefer IZZE Fortified Sparkling Juice, Apple, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24). Not because it is healthier being “fortified” (with 10% of C, B6, niacin) but because with only 70% juice and 30% sparkling water, it is a little tart and far less sweet.

Overall, might be good for kids and adults with a sweet tooth.

DaneAllison, TX

Very refreshing, but not a flavor that I liked

(Revised on 19 March 2009.)

I’ve tried three flavors of this product so far: Black Cherry, Watermelon Strawberry, and Kiwi Berry. My favorite so far is Kiwi Berry that I thought was very good. Watermelon Strawberry was second, and Black Cherry was a distant third.

This product has a lot going for it, in my opinion. 100% fruit juice, so healthier than soda, but with added carbonation to make it different than just plain juice. To me, the amount of carbonation was just right – I was able to drink it quickly and found it very refreshing. The serving size is good, too.

I do wish that it was available in larger sizes, even if someone didn’t want to drink it all at once.

My rating for the flavors, based solely on my personal opinion, is:
Kiwi Berry: 5 stars – would buy again
Watermelon Strawberry: 4 stars – would drink again, but probably won’t buy again
Black Cherry: 3 stars – would drink again if very thirsty, but wouldn’t go out of my way to get it

AbbeyLambert Lake, ME

Wild Cherry Beverage

I like these Switch juices for their all-natural ingredients.

This “Black Cherry” Switch hits the flavor just right. It tastes somewhat like a Luden’s Cough Drop, which I used to eat like candy in my younger days.

If you’re crazy about a heavy cherry flavor, I recommend this drink. But the flavor is not subtle, by any means – I tend to prefer a bit less conspicuous sweetness.

AimeeSaint Benedict, OR


This drink is really refreshing and it tastes really good. Unfortunately, I can’t find it in any store where I live and believe me, I’ve looked in grocery stores, pharmacy type stores and organic stores. I guess I’ll just order it from Amazon and pay the shipping. Yes, it’s that good.
CarolSerena, IL

Good-tasting soda, Nice for a Special Treat

The Switch Black Cherry soda has a light, fruity taste and less fizz than a regular soft drink. It’s a pretty color — sort of a deep maroon. It would make a nice addition to a fruit punch which you might mix for a party. I put the can into the refrigerator overnight and then poured it into a glass with no ice.

I enjoyed it very much, although I must say that the black cherry flavor is not really dominant. It tastes fruity, and it has no chemical taste like some fruit-flavored soft drinks. Overall, I think it tastes better than Juicy Juice, which it kind of reminded me of. Actually, “black cherry juice” is the third ingredient listed — apple and grape juices are listed first.

I like the can size (which is less beverage than a regular 12-ounce soda) because I constantly find myself opening a Coke and then not finishing (and thus wasting) the remaining soda. So this 8.3 ounce size is perfect for my taste.

Switch soda is advertised as being more healthful because it has no added sugar, but that’s not quite the case if you read the product’s ingredient list. The juice used has sugar, it’s just not artificially sugared, and it has no artificial colors. So it’s all juice, but those juices have sugar. It’s more healthful than a regular soda, though, since it’s all-natural.

Switch is a little pricy. I buy it for a special treat for myself or my daughters since it is something different from the regular soft drinks, and it has doesn’t contain artificial ingredients. We also like the Tangerine/Orange flavor, but are not crazy about the Grape.

DanyelleNewman Grove, NE

tasty, all natural, but NOT low-calorie

While the premise of this drink is good (all juice, no sugar added), it fell short for me.

First of all – the taste. While supposedly Black Cherry, I tasted a hint more grape than black cherry. And, the ingredients label confirms that the primary juice is Apple, then Grape, and THEN acerola and black cherry. It’s not a bad taste, but not one I was expecting.

Secondly, if you’re looking for a dietary drink, look elsewhere. Although the label would lead you to believe with “no sugar added”, the nutrition facts give the real story for all this juice: 130 calories in the tiny 8.3 oz can!

For comparison, that’s MORE calories than Coca Cola Classic (97 calories in 8 oz).

To be fair, this can of Switch should be better for you in moderation – it has 100% of your daily Vitamin C, and no corn syrup (unlike Coke).

One final note – the label claims “100% juice carbonated”, but this is juice from concentrate, reconstituted with sparkling water.

Ultimately for me, the small portion, high calorie count, and just-ok taste will leave me with other choices. (Honest Tea has some FANTASTIC low-calorie, no artificial sweetener choices).

FelixHillsboro, IN

Great flavor and healthier than sodas

I love Cherry Coke and Cherry 7up so I had to try this flavor and once I chilled it in the refrigerator my 11 year old and I popped it open and we both liked it tremendously. This product has the right amount of juice blends and it tastes tart and the carbonation doesn’t overshadow the cherry flavor. This was by far our favorite flavor and my daughter has already asked if I will order it. It is healthier than sodas since there is no added sugar and it has 100% fruit juice. If Amazon has sales on these I will be buying them for me and the kids.
MargertDallas, WV

Guilt Free Flavor!! (With no Soybean con attached!)

The first sip gave a pleasing cherry flavor burst with a light tang of carbonation. I had placed the can in the freezer for a short period, since I prefer drinks to be ice cold or hot; I didn’t want lukewarm to get in the way of a positive response to the first sip. As the drink warmed a bit, the sweetness overtook the carbonation, which is inevitable in a carbonated beverage, yet, due to the purity of the fruit base, the flavor remained true and welcome.

The way the drink was promoted wasn’t a lie! It worked for me:

1. “100 % of what you want. 0% of what you don’t want.”

2. “Make The Switch to a great tasting, all natural beverage that’s the perfect balance between JUICE and CARBONATION.”

3. The logo has “THE” placed upside-down and reversed, atop “Switch,” with a swirl designed around the words, the swirl imitating the symbol for reversing something.

4. The ingredients read: “100% juice (filtered sparkling water sufficient to reconstitute juice concentrates, apple, grape, acerola* [I added the asterisk; see below]and cherry juice concentrated), natural flavors, ascorbic acid (vitamin C)”

5. 100% juice carbonated.

6. The can is smaller than the norm for soda pops, which I also liked, because when I used to drink sodas regularly, I usually opened a can and left half of it to get too warm (and fizzed out), so the remainder went down the drain (after I returned it to the fridge for a few days hoping I might drink it). I drank the whole can of Black Cherry!

I decided I liked the near slush state of a short stint in the freezer… leaving it too long, though, might cause too much separation of the fruit concentrate from the fizz water… and, of course, makes it undrinkable from the can until it melts enough to flow through the hole in the top.

In the past, when I had begun wanting something more natural than most soda beverages (with phosphates, etc., added), I had used frozen orange juice concentrate added to Club Soda or Ginger ale. It didn’t take long to feel that the process was too much trouble (and it was more expensive than the cost of the Switch product). Also, I like the types of fruits Switch is using.

At first I was confused at the acerola* ingredient, not knowing what it was. Since my Kindle 2: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation) was at hand, as always, I looked up acerola in the onboard dictionary. The word wasn’t in there, so I pushed the curser to the right, on the arrow for more types of searches, and used my standby, Google, and found several listings of acerola.

Briefly, I found that it’s thought to have originated from the Yucatan, and is known as Barbados cherry or wild crape myrtle, a tropical fruit-bearing shrub. Reading into the variety of praiseworthy qualities of that cherry, I was impressed! It has 32 times the amount of vitamin C as Orange juice, and many other healthful assets. If you’re interested in details, feel free to go Google.

I’m beginning to think that many of the flavors available from Switch will include equally intriguing tropical fruits.

Though the can is appealing and fine, this beverage is good enough to deserve a designer bottle to appeal to the gourmet crowd who want flavor without true health issues… don’t get me started on the myriad of heavy promotions of pseudo health issues. I have a book in progress to be published on KINDLE, which will debut with steam hissing out of Kindle’s ears, at no extra charge! (I’ll add a comment to this review about why I had quit drinking soda pops, which will explain why I will be happily able to welcome Switch into my diet.)

My thanks to THE SWITCH for providing a healthy, gourmet quality drink… WITHOUT, thank God, SOYBEANS added!!

I’m hooked!

Linda Shelnutt
Author of several Kindle books and Amazon Shorts

MetaGuion, AR

Good taste, right size

This soda is lightly sweet with a touch of tartness. It comes in an 8.3 ounce can (many sodas are too large for my taste). It has a sweet, full cherry flavor. It reminded me somewhat of Myers sparkling soda but with a less sugary taste.

As a point of reference my favorite soda is Sprecher’s root beer for its mellow, creamy taste, plus it uses honey and cane sugar instead of corn syrup. My least favorite soda is Coca-Cola because of its overly sweet taste, corn syrup, and caffeine. Most people love Coca-Cola so if you do you probably won’t like this soda.

I would definitely try this soda again.

OrvalMiramonte, CA

The Switch vs. Soda

The Switch bills itself as “great tasting healthy alternative to soda” so I decided to see for myself. The first thing I wanted to do was compare it’s nutritional facts against another black cherry soda that I drink and this is how they matched up:

The Switch Black Cherry (Per Serving)
15.7 Calories
1.8 mg Sodium
4.2 g Carb
4.0 g Sugar
100% RDA Vitamin C

National Brand Black Cherry Soda (Per Serving)
14.2 Calories
3.3 mg Sodium
3.7 g Carb
3.4 g Sugar

Besides less sodium, the addition of vitamins and no added sugars, The Switch Black Cherry didn’t really stand out as a winner based on nutritional facts alone. So when it came to drinking it I was hoping for a nice flavor with this one and I got it. Even with the main two juices used in this drink being Apple and Grape, the cherry flavor came through very well. Much better than the Orange Tangerine version.

Overall when comparing the two beverages although I was not impressed with the nutritional facts, the taste of The Switch Black Cherry, 8.3 Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) was preferred! The only complaint would be the obvious price difference ($.03 per ounce vs. $.11 per ounce), but I could see buying this as a treat to have around in addition to other sodas.

WaltonMikkalo, OR

I’m Ready to Switch!

Take a 100% black cherry juice (no “from concentrate” here) add just a little carbonation, and the result is magnificent! Even better, my Wife who does not like to try new foods loved it! There is no aftertaste, and the flavor is outstanding. I appreciate the quality of the ingredients from a health perspective, no sugar or corn syrup added, for example, but I really couldn’t get over the taste.

The carbonation level is not like that of a normal soda. It is about the same amount of carbonation as a Red Bull. In other words, just right, especially on a hot day when you’re really thirsty.

Buy this now!!!

VerleneBarryville, NY

Fizzy Juice

An nice change from cola, this has a definite cherry flavor but it is not too sweet. Sort of a carbonated Juicy Juice. Not sugar free.
130 calories, 35g total carbs, 33g sugar
ArethaWalnut Bottom, PA

Sorry, I “Switched” back!

The Switch Black Cherry,

When I first saw “The Switch” I was really energetic to find a good tasting and healthy alternative to drinking regular soft drinks, although I am normally a diet soft drink drinker.
Upon first opening my can of Black Cherry I could immediately smell the scent the black cherries. With my first taste, it was diffidently real juice and it went down very smooth. It was not until I started tasting the effects of that wine-cooler after taste that my taste buds started to dislike it. Within a few seconds of my first drink, I could sense the taste of a fermented beer like taste. Because I am not much of a wine drinker, nor do I like the taste of beer that has had a chance to sit idol for some time, I believe I will pass on further purchases of anymore “The Switch” drinks. It just doesn’t fit the taste of what I’m after in a soft drink replacement.
I give the Black Cherry flavor a 2 star for its true black cherry flavor, but the stale beer taste forbids any score higher than that.

DinahHigh Island, TX

Like a juice box, but in a can with bubbles.

The Switch has everything going for it. Cool “extreme”-sounding name, symmetrical tattoo-able logo, shiny-colored can, the promise of 100% natural goodness, and vitamins. Everybody loves vitamins. Problem is, it isn’t particularly enjoyable to drink. Now, I drank it down no problem and didn’t find it unpleasant, but it’s not something I would seek out again. I gave my wife a gulp and I’d print her official statement, but I don’t think Amazon allows most of those words on the site. It was the basic “tastes like [add four word combination of profanities here]” assessment.

The Switch basically tastes like a kiddie juice drink, but carbonated. Personally, I can only drink a can or two of anything carbonated in a day without suffering digestive tract issues so I’d rather just drink some lemonade, orange juice, or even Gatorade (it’s got electrolytes!) if I’m on an anti-soda crusade. If you crave a bit of the bubbly and are on a health kick or nostalgic for your childhood,then give this a try. It ain’t half bad in my opinion. Hell, if you’re a vegan it will probably be the best thing you’ve tasted in years. I applaud the concept of all-natural soda, but I don’t see “Switchaholic” entering the American vocabulary anytime soon. Give it a shot if you’re curious, but remember our American motto: if it’s not going to kill you, it probably tastes like crotch.

TerrellMorton Grove, IL