The Tao of Tea, Black Dragon Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf, 3-Ounce Tins

The Tao of Tea, Black Dragon Oolong Tea, Loose Leaf

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  • 3 packs

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The Tao of Tea

It’s was Made in China, not Taiwan.The can made of metal and paint out side around with the bad finish,paper label stick around by hand not even line up ,look so cheap and feel not safe for food,there’re nothing or insulate between Tea and metal can,tea in side can too much break small pieces .Oh man..! I don’t like the way it taste, way it’s smell like some thing else weird.(not sure what it is).Recommend just try it little by little for safe.Not recommend this Tea,and it’s not the quality for cost at $25.Buy the bag $15 (500 gram )even better than this tea.
BrigidKendall Park, NJ

Rich, round taste, wonderful tea tin

The tea is excellent! It has the flavor of a classic Chinese restaurant tea – the color is light, but the taste is not. It is rich, woody, and round. A pot of this tea is a wonderful compliment with dinner or after dinner with dessert.
HalEast Springfield, NY

Very fresh, high quality oolong

I like to have tea at night when the days start to get cooler, and realized I was all out of my favorites. I balked at the prices at a certain common mall-based tea-seller, so decided to look on Amazon and found this 3-pack of tea. For the price, it’s a good amount of tea, and since the packs are individually sealed, the tea stays fresher compared to one big bag.

Inside the top lid is another, tighter lid, and popping that lid reveals a lovely oolong scent. The tea leaves are a good size and color, not burnt-looking or shriveled, and when you pour water on them they expand nicely. Brewing for 4 minutes in 200F water results in a very smooth, light tea — brewing for 6-7 minutes gives you a darker, stronger tea, but still very smooth and tasty. I usually have some sugar in my oolong to take the edge off the bitterness, but this tea is high quality and I don’t need to add anything to enjoy the flavor.

Re-brews are also good, although due to the smooth flavor I only do one re-brew. For the price, I was pleasantly surprised by this oolong and can happily recommend it to fans of this kind of tea.

DeonUniversal City, CA


What more can I say except that this is an excellent tea. It comes double lidded to keep in freshness. Upon first opening the lids, the scent of the tea wafted up to my senses, heady and delightful. Very fresh looking tea that was rolled and pleasing to the eye. Steeping in the heated water, the leaves danced their way open, a beautiful sight to see the large pieces of tea leaves suspended in fluid tea nectar. Be sure to use a see-through infuser/pot to watch the process come alive before you. The Black Dragon Oolong tea has a rich, deep, yet not too heavy flavor … not over-powering with brown sugar cubes and a splash of cream. Was excellent with just a spoon of honey. I have a 16 oz Ingenuitea Tea Pot that I steeped 1 teaspoon of leaves in. I was able to get 3 separate brews from the 1 teaspoon of tea leaves. Highly recommend The Tao of Tea brand!
BariSiasconset, MA

Sometimes great

The first batch of this I purchased about a year ago was great. Complex, good presence, all around great oolong (darker style ti kwan yin, not the greener variety available through other makers). The second batch I bought a few months back was subdued, by comparison. I’m guessing my second batch was fairly old. Bummer, cause I really liked the first batch and will now be hesitant to risk another purchase. BTW, I have purchased several Tao of Tea oolongs through amazon and this was the only one worth purchasing. Recently gave their chai a try, which was outstanding, but the oolongs are a different story. If your going to give Tao of Tea oolongs a try, this is the only one I’d recommend you consider.
CarloOregon, IL

Good tasting tea

I am not an expert on teas, but have tasted several types of other types of teas as well as another brand of oolong tea. I am satiesfied with the taste and presentation.
TaynaUrania, LA

Delicious, meets my standard

I was introduced to Oolong tea in Japan, and was looking for that same nostalgic flavor here in the States. The tea is good quality. 1 teaspoon makes about a cup of tea, so the tins last quite a while.
IraidaDalmatia, PA

Is this oolong tea or seaweed?

I’m serious. I sent one of the cans to my friend 1 miles away from me. This morning we were discussing how it tastes and we came to the mutual conclusion that it tastes like kelp or wakame or seaweed of some sort. We guess it’s ok, just very odd.
CoreyAllegany, NY

Excellent for the price!!

This is a very good everyday tea. The flavor is nice. My favorite oolong is the Monkey Picked they sell at Teavana (best tea I’ve had), but this is a good substitute for daily drinking (considering the Monkey Picked is $25 for 2oz.). I just found this a couple months ago & have just reordered & subscribed.
AnthonyTekonsha, MI