The Tao of Tea Earl Grey, 1-Pounds


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Good, but bitter after taste

I bought this tea because of all the great reviews and the decent value it presented. I’ll start off by saying that I’m an avid Earl Grey fan and have tried a variety of brands (Taylors of Harrogate, Harney & Sons, Coffee Bean, Tazo, etc.). I’ve tried both bagged and loose leaf versions. I will also preface the review by saying that I like a good amount of bergamot in my Earl Grey.

This is a good black tea, but it’s not an exceptional Earl Grey tea. For me, it severely lacks in the bergamot department. There’s also a heavy bitter after taste if I let it seep for more than 3 minutes.

In the future, I will stick with Taylors, which has been consistent for me in taste and quality, without any lingering bitter flavors.

JesseAllen, TX