The Tao of Tea, Lavender Herbal Tea, Loose Leaf, 2.0-Ounce Tins

Recognized around the world for its refreshing fragrance, the lavender plant (Lavendula angustifolia) is a flowering evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean region and has a long history as a healing herb. Romans scented their baths with it (in fact lavare means to wash in Latin) and the Tibetans still make an edible lavender butter to use as part of a traditional treatment for nervous disorders. The essential oil of lavender is widely used to relieve anxiety and to treat sunburn. It is a natural antiseptic and has astringent properties. It also helps overcome restlessness and difficulty in sleeping. Caffeine free.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 2-ounce tins (total of 6 ounces)
  • Cooling, sweet taste; calming, refreshing and uplifting
  • Product of USA

Top reviews

Perfect flavor

I love this tea. Its flavor is awakening your senses. It deserves A+!!! The price is the only inconvenience, if it would be a bit lower I would buy more often.
PrudenceMojave, CA