The Tao of Tea Lemongrass, Certified Organic Herbal Tea, 1-Pounds

The Tao of Tea Lemongrass, Certified Organic Herbal Tea, 1-Pounds …

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More like Lemongrass Powder than Tea

I rarely review anything but this may save someone from making a mistake.

I tried lemongrass tea from another source (adigo tea) and really liked it so I looked for a cheaper bulk source on amazon. I figured all lemongrass tea must at least be similar. Boy was I wrong. This tea has the consistency of finely ground sawdust. There are no real leaves from the lemongrass plant. What’s worse, is that the taste is very weak and somewhat weird. I tried several different steeping temps and times with no luck. This whole bag is now going in the garbage as I’ve ordered new stuff from my original source.

GiuseppeMc Shan, AL

Organic and makes strong tea

A lot of tea, excellent bulk, strong and fresh, good for making summer iced tea pitchers or any quantity drinking. Hot with stevia and lemongrass oil drops is wonderful. I have tried other brands but the bagged lemongrass teas have too little tea in the bag per what I wanted. This is a lot of tea! There is some fine powder but it dissolves quickly, and it’s mostly lemongrass leaves/stems. At first sight it seemed a little dry=, but the quality is good. One scoop makes a strong cup. And it’s one of the only organic lemongrass teas. Also the package is now sealable, keeps it fresh. air-tight seal-able. Lemongrass is also available in essential oils, a drop or two enhances tea (or Thai coconut soup). Repeat order!
WanitaNewbern, TN

I like it

Yeah, I agree it is kind of powdery but there is still more lemon “grass” than powder. I have a feeling that you’re just going to get powder as the strands of grass break and get moved around in the bag. I just think.. well, I’m still getting the benefit. I like the flavor. Reminds me of fruit loops in a way 🙂 I will have it alone or add green tea sometime 🙂
This is my 3rd time ordering this tea. My ND suggested it to boost my immune system.
PearlSheldonville, MA