The Tea Nation Ginger Peach Tea, White Tea, 50-Count Round Tea Bags

While the word ‘peach’ originates from an early European belief that the fruit is native to Persia, it actually originated in China where it has been cultivated since the early days of Chinese culture. It was brought to America by Spanish explorers in the sixteenth century and eventually made it to England and France in the seventeenth century, where it was a popular albeit rare treat. In Queen Victoria’s day, no meal was complete without a fresh peach presented in a fancy cotton napkin. We have flavored our Pure Ceylon high grown teas with the fruitiest peach and refined ginger flavors so that you can enjoy it any time of the day. White tea is made from the rolled up buds of tea leaves. It is these buds, with their light silver hair of new growth that give white tea its name. White tea is considered the champagne of teas and has been processed far less than the other teas making its caffeine content one of the lowest in tea.

Quick facts

  • 50 Round Tea Bags.
  • 100% Pure Ceylon tea, certified with Lion Logo, picked and packed at source to ensure freshness
  • Kosher and Halal certified.
  • Packed in an ISO22000 & HACCP certified facility
  • No Calories: No Gluten: No Trans Fats

Top reviews


We had been using Bentley’s White Tea Ginger peach tea to make iced tea. It became more difficult to find it at a good price, so when I saw the Tea Nation version locally at a huge discount I gave it a try. We are really pleased with the flavor of this tea. Both hubby and I noted that it’s smoother than the Bentley’s. There’s no “bite” at all and is very light & refreshing. I will definitely seek out the other white tea flavors. These are little round pod tea bags. I love that there are no strings to deal with and no folded-bag-blowouts either. I use 4 bags per gallon of iced tea, so the only thing holding me back from giving this 5 stars is the price.
AugustBushnell, NE