The TeaSpot Tuffy Steeper, Silicone Loose Tea Infuser, color: Blueberry, 3.2 Ounce Boxes

The Tuffy Steeper is a loose tea infuser made from high-quality, food-grade silicone. This durable, reusable, steeping basket folds for easy storage, travel, and tea on-the-go. The large volume strainer allows ample room for the leaves to unfurl and is compatible with traditionally-sized mugs. The lid doubles as a saucer and makes for a dripless, clean steep.

Quick facts

  • Loose tea steeper that is dishwasher safe, heat & stain resistant. High-grade silicone HLGB.
  • Folds for easy storage, travel, & tea on-the-go
  • Compatible with most mugs
  • Steeper lid doubles as a saucer

Top reviews

Great Idea, Poor Execution

Where, oh where can you find a tea strainer that doesn’t leak? These Tuffy Steepers are cute, look practical and easy to use, but they fail at their basic purpose…straining the tea and keeping leafs out of the brew. They collapse into easily transportable shapes, come with a little lid that serves as a base for the hot, wet strainer when finished, they’re dishwasher safe…but they don’t keep the loose tea out of the brew! Infuriating. Plus, they’re awful big and take up a lot of room in the cup, so when you remove the steeper, you’re left with a 1/2 cup of tea. One other thing, there’s a funky clip that you can see in the pictures. It’s a small plastic thing that extends out over the steeper, for what purpose I can’t tell. It might have been better designed where it repositioned to extend out and down, so you could clip it over the rim of the cup to steady the thing. I was disappointed by these. Great looks, little function. My hunt continues.
XuanEast Bloomfield, NY

Never travel without it

If you are a loose leaf tea drinker then this little gadget should be a permanent part of your life. I bought several. Work, home, car, travel bag. Cleans easily, folds up small and handy, works great. Cannot ask for more than that. A pleasure not to depend on tea bags in a hotel. Of course you have to carry the tea also for most of the places. At home I use a multi-cup tea maker but once in a while I want just one quick cup and using this steeper is perfect.
OscarDyer, IN

Perfect for the office and for traveling.

Have loose tea when you want. When on the road most gas stations have a hot water dispenser so it makes it easy to carry your tea in a ziplock baggie and use this nifty little steeper. Clean up is a breeze! I have one for the office too.
NanAnthony, NM

Easy to use and clean

Of all the tea steepers I have used I think I like this one the best. Very easy to use and clean up and folds for travel if you so desire. What makes it better than the others is just putting it in the cup with as much tea as I want and filling with water. It is a bit big so it easier with a big cup but it will work in a smaller cup too.
WanetaRosedale, MD

Cute little tea steeper

No only is this little steeper cute, it works great, and it collapses flat and is wonderful for traveling. I would definitely recommend it.
CarminaStanford, IN

Great Tea Infuser!

I love brewing loose leaf tea, except for the bits of tea leaves that inevitably end up in the bottom of my tea cup! I have bought so many tea infusers hoping to find one that keeps the sediment to a minimum. I might have found that with the TeaSpot Tuffy Steeper. This is such a great idea! I love the fact that you can collapse it to make it easier to carry with you. It comes with a lid to cover the infuser while the tea is steeping, keeping the tea nice and hot. The holes in the infuser are so small! If you use a good quality loose leaf tea, I don’t think you will have any problem with bits of tea leaves getting through. The little handle on top is kind of odd. I am not sure why it doesn’t go the other way but you can use it to pick the infuser up out of the tea when you are done brewing. It does displace a lot of water, so fill your cup up as much as you can while the infuser is in the cup. The shape does allow the tea leaves to open up during the steeping process which gives you a great cup of tea. Love it! Will use it all the time!
UrsulaRensselaer Falls, NY

great, great, for anyone that likes tea on the go

Love it…keep it with me when I’m out. also keep a small vile of tea. always ready for a cup if you can get the hot water. Great product. great value if you love tea and don’t like the standard bag you get. In case not obvious, teh holder also serves as a top, which allows the brewing to occur without heat loss.
RosalbaAlamo, ND