Thinkfruit Peach Slices, 1.5 Ounce Bags

ThinkFruit peach slices are made from the original sunny California cling peaches. You’ll find the flavor is as close to a fresh peach as you can get. They come in a 10-count box of handy single-serve 1.5 oz packs. naturally good for you, each pack is equal to one full serving of fruit and are fat-free, gluten-free and low in sodium. They are a delicious smart way to snack, perfect for on-the-go, inside lunch boxes, after school snacks, or healthy snacking when traveling.

Quick facts

  • All natural dehydrated fruit
  • Fat free
  • dried fruit snack
  • On-the-go snack
  • Delicious, healthy snack perfect for in the car, or anywhere, or anytime

Top reviews

Very Sweet

I think they over emphasize “health” in the description of these peach slices. They are soft, chewy, very sweet, and tasted a little ‘date’ like to me. They were tasty, but much too sweet to be considered healthy. I like that they’re packaged for single servings and last a while; their expiration date is months away from the purchase date. You can easily take them with you for an anytime snack. These Think Fruit Peach Slices are probably better for you than snacking on your average candy bar but grab a fresh peach more often than a packet of these if you can.
AlexisPawnee City, NE

Horrible flavor

I’ve never had dried fruit that tasted like rancid nuts before I tried these. Even though the expiration date was in 2013, these peaches were nasty. I opened every package to see if they were all like this, but two of the 10 didn’t have the rancid smell/flavor. Do they keep these in hot warehouses?
StephenLagrange, OH


These tasted very peachy and were nicely chewy. Unfortunately, they do have added sugar and dextrose so I can’t give them five stars.
TawandaImboden, AR

It is good … but not sure if it is worth the price

I thought they would be dried fruit..similar to “Crisps” or “Snaps”, but it is actually chewy. I liked them and they offered a nice taste for when fresh fruit is not an option. I would purchase them again if they were around $1/bag…Crisps are $.78/bag at a local box store.
TodElk Grove, CA