thinkThin Crunch Variety Box, Gluten Free, 1.41-Ounce Bars

thinkThin Crunch is our newest nutty creation, and we think it’s the crunchiest, tastiest, bar ever! Our bars have 80% less sugar than leading fruit and nut bars, making them a natural fit into our consumers’ weight management lifestyle. thinkThin Crunch is packed with 10g of protein from nuts and soy, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber so consumers feel fuller, longer. thinkThin Crunch bars are also completely gluten-free and are ideal for consumers who have gluten intolerance or Diabete.

Quick facts

  • 1.41ounce/40g bar (Pack of 15) – 5 bars Crunch Mixed Nuts, 5 bars Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts and 5 bars White Chocolate Dipped Mixed nuts
  • thinkThin Crunch has 10g of high quality protein, good source of fiber (4g of fiber) and is Gluten Free
  • 70% less sugar and 80% more protein than fruit & nut bars, thinkThin Crunch is the reduced sugar nut bar for the entire family
  • An easy, portable, simple and satisfying high protein snack that is naturally sweet and a little nutty
  • thinkThin Deliciously Natural Nutrition – It’s all about what’s inside

Top reviews

Much better than the usual diet bar.

I have lost considerable amount of weight with the Medifast system; however, their bars taste like cardboard to me. These Thinkthin bars have a much more natural taste. It both looks and tastes like something found in nature. You can see the peanuts and dried fruit in them. The Thinkthin bar even has less sugar than the medifast bars that I have paid double the price for. Also, they taste better than Clif bars too. And I continue to lose weight with the Thinkthin bar substitution.

I like this product and now have purchased them a second time.

WildaBurnt Hills, NY

A nut bar that tastes like nuts — not sugar!

10 grams of protein — 14 grams of carbohydrates. It does have 2 grams of sugar alcohols, but I haven’t had any issues.

Not a Snickers bar, but it is more satisfying and better for you. All three varieties are very tasty. Tastes much better than any of the sweet and salty bars I’ve tried.

RosemaryGarryowen, MT

Good and less calories

These are tasty and I use them for breakfast though you will probably need to add something else as I notice I am hungry before lunch. I would say that Larabars stretch farther in keeping you feel full.
KizzieLogan, NM

Good but not worth the price.

The box we rec’d in on 10/19 has a “best by” date of 4/11/12. The nuts had a bit of a stale taste, and also noticed the chocolate coating looked like it had melted a bit and then became solid again, showing creases from the packaging. Even with subscribe & save, the bars are approaching $2 apiece, that is too much to pay for something in this condition, I think. If they fresh and in premium condition I think they might be worth the price, or of course if heavily discounted in their current condition. Perhaps if they move out this 4/11/12 stock and replace now in the cooler months, they will stay fresher longer.
LadyWilliamsburg, IA

Excellent Protein bar for those with gluten intolerance,

Excellent Protein bar for those with gluten intolerance,,,Great taste, Great price!
This is a much better deal than purchasing the bars in a Trader Joe’s or local health food store.
The only thing missing is the range of flavors. There are several available flavors missing from the pack.
CorneliaWest Stockbridge, MA


ThinkThin are my go to protein bars.. I was disappointed when opening the box to find expiration dates of 2011.. Also, I was not advised on shipping issues with street address/po box and the order was listed as bad address return to shipper. Had to get someone to drive to bulk mail office in another town to stop return..
FelicitasWebster, IN

Love these bars

I loved these bars the first time I tried one but the news stand by my office sells them individually for $4 a bar. I ordered a box here and now I have it set to instant order and refill every month. Great for a later afternoon snack when I’m working late or for breakfast when I am in a rush. I also enjoy while hiking of after a run. Fills you up without being too sweet.
JanitaHarrietta, MI


I was nervous to try these, but I love them. They really are good & a good combination of sweet & salty, but not too salty or sweet. Good snack in the afternoon for me.
FrederickArdsley On Hudson, NY

Good deal

Theses aren’t bad. I lobe the mixed nuts, my two year old loves the chocolate. My husband eats whatever comes in his path. I’d buy them again, but currently cannot…
AllanChico, CA

thinkthin crunch variety

Great gluten free bar with less sugar and more fiber. I like having the variety option. With the subscribe and save option this is also a good price.
QuintonFlat Rock, IN

An Excellent Choice

In need of a snack bar that would not aggravate my gluten intolerance, I found these locally and tried one. I was pleasantly surprised.

These bars have good flavor, though a little on the sweet side, and they are a nice texture. They have become a very good replacement for my previous oats and grains bars.

DorcasAssonet, MA