Thompson’s Punjana Irish Breakfast 80 teabags

Punjana Irish Breakfast tea is a luxurious blend which produces a rich rounded character, thanks to Assams finest leaves, and a bright fresh finish derived from tea leaves which are picked from the high grown slopes in the prestigious East of Rift Valley region of Kenya.

Quick facts

  • The finest quality teas with a uniquely refreshing flavour and a bright golden color.
  • Blended in Belfast since 1896
  • Punjana recently updated their packaging to reflect the Thompson Family name.

Top reviews

Good tea … this price way to high

Punjana Irish breakfast tea is a lovely tea. Good color and great flavor. It is flavorful and not bitter. It is becoming one of our favorites. Amazon usually advertises very good prices but this is just way way too high. I found it at for a much lower price and better shipping rate.
ArronCowan, TN

Wonderful taste and color, without bitterness. Superb tea!

I am 56 years old, a Lancastrian and a lifelong ‘strong’ tea drinker. I am also a former owner of two very decent restaurants and tea rooms in a popular tourist area in the UK.

Being fussy about taste, preferring strong brews, but disliking bitterness, I had always considered Taylor’s English Breakfast Tea to be my favourites among bagged teas. That is, until I discovered Punjana Irish Breakfast tea! At $3.50 for a box of 80 bags in a local overstock store (Big Lots), although I’d never heard of the brand, I figured it was worth taking a chance. I didn’t expect anything special – I was simply stocking up on UK tea without paying the outrageous price typically charged here in Indiana for UK brands.

From the very first pot I made, this tea has been a revelation! Whether by the cup or the pot, it brews VERY quickly (under two minutes suits my taste), with a rich tan color, with some orange brightness. When drinking, it exhibits no bitterness, even if steeped for more than twice that time – far beyond the point where Twinings and Taylors become bitter and wasted. I really only drink tea with ‘milk,’ (for tea I use almond milk unsweetened, not dairy, as I am vegan), but I tried this with fresh lemon and it was equally delicious. Fabulous taste indeed. I will be sure to stock up on Punjana now, whenever I find it – this is the best tea I have EVER tasted, by quite some margin. Buy some – you won’t regret it.

FletcherBath, IN

it’s quite good

This tea is probably as good as it gets with teabags. I drink it when traveling or under similar circumstances when brewing loose tea is not practical.

No question that the company cares about their products and their reputation. When I wrote them, the friendly response came immediately. Thank you Ross.

P.S. I bought these, same size packaging, for $2 at a local discount store.

SirenaSummitville, IN

Surprising and Amazing!

I picked this up from Ocean State Job Lot for $3.99 and realized I’m in love with Irish Breakfast.
Its pretty strange to love a cup of black tea with just a lemon, and to brew black tea for under 3 minutes!
The tea has quite high tannin content, so if you let it sit for a while it will get cloudy… probably why most Irish drink tea with milk!
Despite the surprise at the effect of the tannins, its pretty much the only fool proof cup of tea, regardless of the quality of water, you’ll be sure to enjoy!
Pick up a pack.. you won’t regret it!
NievesBelgrade, ME

Great cuppa tea

I’ve been drinking trader joe’s irish breakfast tea for years and decided to try this when I saw it in my local grocery store. It’s just what I was looking for … a nice strong cup of black tea with a smooth finish. I paid $4.99, so the price on amazon seems pretty high, but worth trying if you can’t find it locally. My new favorite!
PedroSeelyville, IN


I am a lifelong tea drinker–mostly iced and I love a deeply flavorful tea—this is it. I first found this tea at a liquidation store in Austin, Texas, decided to try it, and fell in love. It is the best tea I’ve ever experienced. I make it bold and strong and it is wonderful, refreshing, and relaxing. I sent an email to the company to let them know how much I love it and they sent me a thank-you note and a teacup from Ireland!! This is a quality product, made by dedicated people and I am ecstatic to have made the discovery.
DominiqueAbbyville, KS


I found this at Ocean State Job Lot too, for $3.99. Just wondering why such a tasty tea would be at all the overstock and close out stores? I think I’ll pick up another 80 pack before it disappears from the shelves. Often my favorite Job Lot finds are a one time closeout and I can never find them again!
DellNavasota, TX

love this tea!!

A friend sent me some of this punjana tea it is wonderful
I found it here on amazon and will keep on ordering it. Pricey but worth it, smooth, bold favor. Clear or cloudy. Wonderful tea!!
EarleneViola, KS