Three Ladies Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers

Preparation for fresh spring rolls: Soften rice paper by quick evenly dipping in cold or warm water for 2-3 seconds. Lay flat on a plate and is ready for wrapping your favorite stuffs…like vegetables, herbs, meat, shrimp, rice stick noodle…etc. For better taste, eat with some dipping sauce (Mixed fish sauce or hoisin sauce). The rice paper can be use like eggroll wrapper to make fried spring roll also. Ingredients: rice flour, tapioca starch, water & salt.

Quick facts

  • Square Size: 22 CM (make straight edge, neat open ended rolls. Can also create close ends for deep fry…use like eggroll skin).
  • Machine Made and Dry. Clean Production
  • Pack is 12 oz , 50 counts. Great for Low Carb Diet. Easy Use. Just wet and Use
  • Serving per pack :5
  • Per Serving :238 calories, calories from fat :0 , Cholesterol: 0%, Sodium:4%, Dietary Fiber: 4%, sugar:1%, Iron:4%

Top reviews

three ladies spring rolls

Reasonably easy to work with but a little chewy and odd in texture when consuming. Comparable to other rice paper wrappers. O.K. product.
RowenaLunenburg, MA

Item is excellent, pkg count is incorrect

The rice paper wrappers are very good and consistent. I just run them quickly under lukewarm water on one side, reverse and repeat, shake off excess and then put them immediately on a plate. You don’t need to place them in water. I like this shape better than the round. I place them with a corner facing me and use that corner to start the wrap. Then I fold in the left and right corners and roll the whole thing up – gives me a little more control than the round size. But you can also wrap them using the straight side to start. I have a new recipe for fried vietnamese summer rolls using this type of wrapper and I’m looking forward to trying it. I haven’t been able to have egg rolls since going GF, so if this new recipe works I’ll be one happy puppy :o}

The description said 50 ct for the pkg, but there were only about 28 per pkg. This is quite a difference.

Three Ladies Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers (Square 22cm)

ScarletChidester, AR


I’m giving this 5 stars because it IS rice paper, and it DOES taste good. There is a learning curve, however, to using these without tearing them. My first batch was 14 (there were 26 wraps in the package) and I thought I’d bake some spring rolls. I think I had splits in about half of them. My 2nd batch went a little better, with only about 1/3 with tears. I know I can perfect this with time and patience, and these are a really good price, so I won’t feel bad about playing with my food! 🙂
TraceyDickens, NE