Tiger Easy Indian Heat & Eat, Mutter Paneer with Basmati Pilau Rice, 19.4-Ounce Boxes

Combining the distinctive flavours of cottage cheese and fresh green peas blended with fresh roast and ground spices, this delicious Mutter Paneer is served with basmati pilau rice. Easy Indian Mutter Paneer has been prepared in the traditional Dhabha style. The dish is fragrant with warm and exotic spices such as cumin, cloves, turmeric and red chilli.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 19.4-ounce boxes(total of 116.4-ounces)
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Gluten-free and 100%natural

Top reviews

Check the carbs and the sodium

I could not eat this product because of the amount of carbs. I gave some to family members with offer to get the rest if they liked them. No one did. If you like Indian food with homemade and restaurants as 5 stars, frozen Indian foods as 4 to 3 stars, canned Indian food and this Tiger Tiger 2 to 1 stars. These dinners are rated 1, they are too expensive to taste this bad.They don’t taste fresh and are packed with sodium. Check the Nutritional Information before you buy!!
BeckiRuth, NV

Think of this product as a delicious starting point….

My wife and I love Indian food – I prefer the hotter the better, but she prefers mild with rich flavors. The Tiger Tiger products fall right in the middle as an excellent compromise. We’ve tried the Chana Masala, Mutter Paneer and Veggie Korma, all with excellent luck, but with a word of advice. If you think of these products as complete meals (as they are advertised), you will be pleased but not blown away. However, if you think of them as an excellent place to start, then the possibilities are endless.

With the Chana Masala, we usually add another can of chick peas and some cilatro or other herb that cooks well. Then we just let it simmer on the stove top for 30-60 minutes. With very little supervision, and medium low heat, you won’t have any concerns over burning, and like many “saucy” foods, it just gets better with time. They give this a 3-star spice rating, but it is NOT hot in any sense of the word. I usually add a little chili oil to my serving to punch it up because it adds hot without affecting the flavors.

The Mutter Paneer is excellent as is, and the only thing we have found that we like to add is a very healthy dose of chopped fresh spinach. Spinach is already one of the ingredients, so we just put the Tiger Tiger sauce in a pan and add about 6-8 oz of fresh spinach. It takes about 7-10 minutes for the newly added spinach to cook down, and the result is great.

The Veggie Korma is probably the easiest to doctor up because it closely resembles a sweet Thai curry sauce (in our opinion, anyway). You can add any combination of steamed vegetables (green beans, broccoli, asparagus, carrots, etc.) and protein (chicken, shrimp, fish, tofu, etc.) and you’ll almost certainly come up with an excellent product.

As for comments on the rice – it’s all a matter of taste. The Basmati Cumin rice packaged with the Chana and Korma is on the al dente side, but this can be helped by adding a little water to the packet before you microwave, and then cooking it a little longer. The flavor is fine, but not very intense. Our favorite is the Basmati Pilau rice packaged with the Mutter Paneer as it starts softer and has a little more flavor to it. We do find that when our creations are done, we sometimes need to steal the rice from an uncooked package, and when we use plain old brown rice the next time, it’s not a huge loss.

Finally, one reviewer stated they had lots of sand or grit in their meals. We have probably eaten 15-20 of these so far with zero occurrence of any contaminants in our food.

I’m giving the product 5 stars because I feel it is an excellent tasting product, that when purchased on sale (think $12-$15 per case instead of $25) is an exceptional value. If you are a regimented cook who likes to follow the rules you may not enjoy the more relaxed method with which we experiment. In that case you may wish to try these individually from the store before purchasing in bulk. In any event, I feel you’ll be pleased with the results, even if you think you know better. (NOTE: I published the same review on the Tiger Tiger Chana Masala page, too, as it accurately describes all three of the Tiger Tiger products we’ve tried.)

NakeshaBridgeview, IL

Very good tasting; questionable value

This is high quality Indian food that tastes very good. Very fast to make too–just throw it in the microwave for a few minutes, and everything is then ready.

Downside of this product is its questionable price to value ratio. When the price is right on this, it’s an excellent value.

RandolphEast China, MI

very tasty

Delicious, only it is not enough for one serving, rice are very tasty but gravy is not that great tast and also too much for the rice. If they can pack more rice and less gravy that will be very fine.
KeturahEl Paso, AR

Great meal

I gave it 5 stars for quality of the meal, but I would give it 0 stars for what Amazon did. They used to sell this for around $30 (when I bought it from Amazon) and eligible for Prime; less for Subscribe and Save. A good deal.

Now I see they only offer it for a grossly inflated price $56.46 from some money grubbing partner. Way to go, NOT! [Edit – has been rectified – see below]

BAD decision.

Otherwise, this is a wonderful meal, but you would do much better to try to find it locally. This price is just absurd.

[Edit] I must add that at this point Amazon has added a much better source at half the price for product + shipping! It’s still not eligible for Prime, but next best thing. Good work, Amazon! It’s appreciated. (The local market has this for sale at 7 months past the use-by date).

CarlenaThree Mile Bay, NY

Better off with your Indian Grocery store.

Any other brand is better than this one. I can see why this is on sale most of the time.
JoeyHannah, ND

Eating well when you don’t have time to cook

Of all the ‘heat & eat’ products I’ve tried, this is easily my favorite (though it makes too large a meal to be really practical as a one-dish microwave lunch at work, which is usually what I look for in a heat & eat product). It makes a delicious meal for nights when actual cooking is just too much to face, but you still want to eat well (though the portions in one box are a bit skimpy for two persons, unless you add extra veggies to the Mutter Paneer sauce).

The Basmati Pilau Rice packet cooks beautifully in the microwave, as does the Mutter Paneer (either at the same time, or — when I want to add some fresh vegetables to take advantage of all that sauce — poured over vegetables in a dish before ‘nuking’). I’ve also tried sauteing extra vegetables on the stovetop and then pouring the sauce packet over them to heat up at the last, which offers more control over the doneness of all ingredients. I favor the frying pan method, except for when washing the pan afterwards still seems like too much work.

Strict vegetarians might want to take care, though: there’s no meat listed in the ingredients, but it always seems to me that there are a few shreds of chicken meat (or something very like it) in the Pilau.

PhebeRutland, OH

quick & easy lunch

I enjoy this for lunch, it last me for 2 lunches actually. Tasty & quick.
MalcolmMassillon, OH