Tiger Tiger Indian Spicy Puppodums, 4-Ounce Boxes

An important part of Indian cuisine, made the traditional way of ground lentils (ground gram flour) spcied and sun dried. Lightly rub or spay with oil and cook in the microwave in 60 seconds or deep fry in a flash. A fresh cooked crispy accompaniment to a meal or appetizer or snack. Perfect with chuneys and pickles.

Quick facts

  • Suitable for vegetarians, cooks in seconds either deep fry or microwave, traditional recipe and 100% natural
  • 5 inch rounds, traditional recipe, quick cooking for enjoyment with Indian meals or as a dip with appetizers. Gluten Free, suitable for vegetarians.

Top reviews


EXTREMELY OVER PRICED. BEWARE. Pack containing 100 poppodums in any Indian grocery is less than $2. In India the same costs 50cents.
GriselSidney, IN

Are they suppose to be gross?

Now I’m not sure if I should have gone with a different brand, or what but these were horrible. I used the microwave because I will not deep fry food, I followed the direction exactly. They made my microwave stink, along with the kitchen. Took awhile to get the taste out of my mouth too.
KaseySugarloaf Shores, FL

Convenient and reliable

When microwaved, puppodums provide a nice savory snack without too many calories! We like them with dips of various kinds or chutneys but they are good with many kinds of Indian foods

Yes, these are quite expensive, but compared to the retail price locally (if we can find them at all), they are extremely reasonable -especially on Subscribe and Save. They taste every bit as good as the ethnic sort. To me, a great advantage is that these Tiger Tiger puppodums puff up beautifully in the microwave (a little spray of olive oil or cooking spray is all they need)which is something that the cheaper equivalents from ethnic stores do not do reliably. I think that the smaller package size may keep them in better condition.

CharmaineAiley, GA

Finally … I’ve found puppodums!

I used to buy puppodums from another company (Sharwoods) but they don’t seem to carry them anymore. When I found these, I was in heaven. Yes, they cost more than in India or in a good Indian food store, but when you live in the boonies and don’t have anything like that available, you pay what you have to.

I love these. They taste great, are low in calories, heat up quickly in the microwave …. what’s NOT to like????

TomikoArcade, NY

Updated: Broken pieces, no returns, but some salvalgable

I’ve tried Tiger Tiger’s “Puppodums” before and enjoyed them. They’re fun to nuke, tasty (though not really spicy) and pretty healthy as snacks go. I was psyched to find them on Amazon, especially with a subscribe and save option. Unfortunately I received the first box with each of the 12 packages crumbling around the edges, cracked and broken. If you’ve tried these before you know this makes them pretty useless. You need the whole ‘sheet’ to be intact to oil on either side, then bake or nuke. Small pieces are really no use, and large cracked off pieces are a pain. I’m so used to Amazon being great about returns, I was rather shocked to realize (somewhat understandably) food items are on the No Returns list. So I’m stuck with this big box that I’ll probably just toss out. And out twenty bucks.

Although I get why food can’t be returned, given that this is dry packaged imported goods I wish Amazon wouldn’t blanket ban returns. In fact, I’ll probably think 3 or 4 times before ever ordering a grocery/food item again.

Sorry to say I suggest skipping this item. If you receive it as I did, you too will be out a twenty spot with a box of perfectly good useless food to throw away.

UPDATE 1/12: As I didn’t want to actually throw away this big box of poppodums, I’ve been slowly working through them. There were a few packages in the middle of the larger box that were unbroken. The broken ones, mostly around the edges, so they’ve lost 10 – 20%. But I’m still enjoying them. Changed to 3*. Still tasty and a good protein substitute for a starch.

JuliannKingston, UT