Tiger Tiger Indian Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce, 53-Ounce


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a handy way to make a lot of masala

Updated to reflect correct product 01/26/12 – This is a large catering size pouch, 53 oz “Indian Tikka Masala Sauce” made with sweet potatoes and coconut milk. This is a mild curry sauce with nice vegetable undertones; if I had this at a restaurant it would generally be referred to on the menu as “butter chicken”. This would be a great size to feed a crowd for a party but it was also easy to transfer the contents to some smaller ziplock bags and freeze the rest for another day.

{If you noted a prior review here, there may have been some confusion between two products by the same company: this is not Peshwari “Tikka Masala Simmer Sauce” that has double cream in the first five ingredients, usually found in a 14oz bottle.}

OctaviaBowlus, MN

This is NOT the Tikka Masala sauce you find in the store

I am so horribly disappointed.

I am a self-confessed Chicken Tikka Masala addict. I LOVE the stuff. I buy it at my local grocery store for $5.99 per 14 ounce jar. I buy the jars four at a time, because I actually get rather frantic if I run out.

Saute up some chicken, add some almonds, steam some rice, and add the creamy sauce. Yum!

This container? Is NOT the same thing. It’s sharp and overly spicy, and it doesn’t have a lick of the creamy tomato taste I have grown to love.

And worst of all? They added BELL PEPPERS to it. WTF? Where are my onions and creamy sauce? This is NOT the sauce that was advertised!

MichelinaAmity, AR