Tiki Cat Canned Cat Food for Adult Cats, Bora Bora Luau Sardine Cutlets in Lobster Consomme

Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food Brand Cat Food Bora Bora Luau is sliced Sardine prepared in Lobster consommé for a grain free, gravy free, zero carb meal. Feed 2-percent of body weight per day to maintain weight. Typically feedings include one 2.8z can in the morning and evening per day or a 6.0z can split between 2-3 cats per day in the morning and evening. Great to feed solely or to supplement a dry food diet by adding the missing moisture and boosting the necessary protein and fat levels missing from kibble.

Quick facts

  • A Whole Food Diet USDA Certified for Human Consumption and Famous for Super Palatability
  • A Biologically Appropriate Natural Prey Nutrient Profile Featuring a Moisture, Protein and Fat Rich Food with 0-percent Percent Carbohydrates
  • Gently Cooked Gourmet Prepared Ingredients for Superior Taste, Nutrition and Variety, Cooked in Healthy Consommé with no Gravies
  • An Ideal Prevention and Treatment Wellness Nutrition Program Commonly Recommended for use in UTI, CRF, IBS, Diabetes and other Conditions by Vets
  • Sustainable Foods and Materials Made in Responsible Ways To Protect Our Future with the Best Food Safety Standards in the World

Top reviews

Kitty was Not Pleased.

She liked the food a little at first but didn’t want much to do with it… The price is very high and not worth it if she’ll only eat a couple of bites. She had tried most of the flavors and would always have the same reaction.
KrishnaCanalou, MO

Great, high-quality cat food

I’ve tried a number of high-quality canned cat foods to supplement the dry food my cats always have available to them, and these appear to be the best as judged by me and the cats. For one thing, these actually look like fish. You open the can, and there are large pieces of actual fish in the can, instead of the weird, mystery paste. It pretty much smells like you’ve opened a can of real fish, too (not in a bad way, though I don’t share my cats’ love of sardines.)

One of my two cats is a picky eater when it comes to canned food. I picked up a can of each of the varieties from the local pet store when I wanted to try switching to Tiki Cat, and learned that the picky one will only eat the varieties that include sardines. There are a few different sardine varieties, so at least it forces her to have some variety in her diet in case they stop producing one of them.

The picky one has always been very excited about getting her daily quota of canned food, but the other cat seems way more excited about dinner time since we switched to Tiki Cat, so I take that as her endorsement of this positive review.

DarciAkers, LA

My cats love this stuff!

This food is so full of chunks that my cats just love. They are normally on a variety of top quality pate foods, but I wanted to give them something to chew on and would take them longer than a few minutes to eat. This is stuff kitty dreams must be made of for sure. It is for both of mine anyway.
BenedictBlanchester, OH

One Of My Cats’ Favorite Foods

My two feline food critics just love these sardines, and I love being able to give them these sardines. Each tiny can is stuffed with great big chunks of sardine, and my cats are in heaven when they get this for dinner. This is super high quality cat food, a huge treat for any pampered pussycat out there who likes fish. It makes a very nice change from all the tuna based foods out there, and I try to always have some on hand so I can vary my cats’ diet.
AlexanderGrover Hill, OH

My cat loves it!

It’s all natural real food that you can see the difference. My cat loves it so much that now we call him the tiki kitty.
ShawntaStockport, OH

Wish I would have bought more!

The cats love it. I could live without the smell and seeing the pieces of cut up fish in it but the cats love it.Wish I would have purchased more the price was right and it is good quality food for them.
LashawnSulphur, LA

Pet Food

My finicky calico just LOVES this food. One of the few wet foods she will actually eat. It is loved by our other three cats as well. Will definitely be buying this again.
JimmieRaynesford, MT

Tigger thinks

My cat Tigger eats this stuff up fast. Then he asks for more so I figure it must be good. This is not your typical cat food!
ClaritaArarat, VA

Cat couldn’t get enough

My cat loved this food for a long time. However, he has been picky lately. It’s been harder and harder to get him to eat this, but the variety offered in this cat food is good and seemed to keep my cat healthy!
AugustineStrausstown, PA

Both my cats threw up after eating this!

My cats are not picky eaters, and lick their bowls clean of virtually anything i feed them (wellness, fussie cat, fancy feast, bff). I tried feeding them Tiki Cat on 2 separate occasions, and my cats threw up both times. I thought they may have gotten sick the first time from eating something off the floor, but when it happened a second time I was certain it was the Tiki Cat. I’m not sure if I received a bad batch, but I will certainly never be purchasing a Tiki Cat product again.
LinwoodLima, OH

Both My Cats Eat This One

I tried Tiki Cat Variety Pack and the only one my cats really ate well was the Bora Bora Sardine Cutlets in Lobster Consomme. Maybe one other flavor, I think the one with crab, they sorta ate, but definitely this one. So, I ordered a couple packs of 12 small cans. I feed them 1 can per day along with their dry food. They also like Weruva canned cat food and a new one called Addiction canned cat food which so far they love all the flavors I got them. My one skinny cat is super crazy over the Lobster Consomme part, but both cats eat it all. Nutritionally, sardines are really high in RNA which is a building block and RNA also contains the sugar ribose.
YungJohnson, NE

My cats are Tiki Cats

I first learned bout Tiki Cat while searching for responsible and healthy food for my cats. I tried many different brands of cat food before Tiki Cat. I knew I had a hit when even my finiky cat came running for Tiki Cat food time. They seem to like the Sardines best, but I’m sure that every cat is different, and Tiki Cat has so many varities you’re sure to find one your cat likes. Amazon has the cheapest price for this product, and it’s delivered right to my door! I’ll never have to drive to a pet store and pay extravagent prices for good cat food again!
BoPickens, AR