Tiki Cat Consomme

Tiki Cat Lanai Luau Tuna In Crab Surimi Consommé Canned Cat Food is manufactured in a human-grade factory and are truly human-grade quality. All products are made with whole meat from preferred, premium portions of seafood that are left whole and intact verses traditional meatloaf or other mystery meat pates. All meat ingredients are called out in the primary flavor names without mystery or unnamed “ocean fish”, chicken and other inferior filler meat sources.

Quick facts

  • Only premium whole food ingredients.
  • Meets special dietary requirements.
  • Safe for all adult life stages.

Top reviews

Cat won’t eat it.

My cat ate the first serving and I thought it was going to be good for him. But he resisted it thereafter.

I like the idea of its being without additives, etc. But if he won’t eat it . . ..

AlannaGully, MN

Kitty likes the shredded chicken and real chunks of salmon

Our cat is a picky eater. She refuses to eat pate-style canned food. This does not leave us with many options. Weruva and Tiki Cat both provide foods with shredded chicken meat and/or chunks of fish. Kitty prefers the Tiki Cat chicken flavors to the Weruva chicken (which she often barfs), and the Weruva fish flavors to the Tiki Cat fish flavors.

Our previous vet recommended incorporating wet food into her diet – she was getting chubby on dry food alone. However, our current vet noted that Tiki Cat is high in carbohydrates and fat.

AshantiMc Bain, MI

Kitty loves it

I guess kitties are suckers for any food with fish mixed in, but I have to say, two thumbs up to Tiki cat. This food is quite expensive compared to other good brands but my kitten loves it and it agrees with her system. I gain some comfort from knowing it’s 50% chicken since I know cats are not meant to eat too much fish.
RudyBuena Vista, VA

crack for cats

this brand of cat food is so good I nearly wanted to try it , lol . my cat can be a bit picky but he can’t get enough of these . he is healthier , his coat is soft & shiny & the vet is happy . this is an excellent product for any cat especially if you want your cat to be healthy
DinaClover, VA

My Cat loves this brand

I bought this tuna & crab flavored Tiki Cat food after I purchased the Tiki Cat sampler pack. He seemed to love all the flavors this brand offers. The ingredients are healthy for him and he and I are happy we found this brand.
RosaBrackettville, TX