Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food 12-Pack Queen Emma Variety Pet Food

Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food Brand Cat Food Queen Emma Luau 9 Flavor Variety Pack. Contains Grain Free and Zero Carb Varieties including 2 Puka Puka Luau Succulent Shredded Chicken Breast, 2 Papeekeo Ahi Tuna and Mackerel in Tuna Consommé, 2 Hookena Luau Ahi Tuna and Chicken in Chicken Consommé, 1 Koolina Luau Succulent Shredded Chicken Breast with Egg in Chicken Consommé, 1 Napili Luau Wild Salmon and Chicken Breast in Chicken Consommé, 1 Hanalei Luau Wild Salmon in Salmon Consommé, 1 Hana Luau Ahi Tuna with Crab in Tuna Consommé, 1 Hawaiian Grill Ahi Tuna and 1 Manana Grill Ahi Tuna with Prawns in Tuna Consommé.

Quick facts

  • A Whole Food Diet USDA Certified for Human Consumption and Famous for Super Palatability
  • A Biologically Appropriate Natural Prey Nutrient Profile Featuring a Moisture, Protein and Fat Rich Food with 0-percent Percent Carbohydrates
  • An Ideal Prevention and Treatment Wellness Nutrition Program Commonly Recommended for use in UTI, CRF, IBS, Diabetes and other Conditions by Vets
  • Sustainable Foods and Materials Made in Responsible Ways To Protect Our Future with the Best Food Safety Standards in the World
  • Gently Cooked Gourmet Prepared Ingredients for Superior Taste, Nutrition and Variety, Cooked in Healthy Consommé with no Gravies

Top reviews

Kitty love

My crazy picky calicos just love this stuff. I’m so surprised because they only want dry food. I will continue to buy this very high quality product!
CheriseLivonia, LA

crazy for tiki cat

i almost regret buying this fancy cat food as a treat for my kitty bc she is crazed for it! it’s a little expensive but the quality is outstanding and the happiness my kitty expresses makes it all worth it. i usually give her one can of this per day and one can of another type of wet food to keep the cost down.
i HIGHLY recommend this food. has vitamins, minerals, and is only barely processed – it looks like an almowt whole food product.
ReynaWest Terre Haute, IN

Picky cat loved this!

I’ve spent years trying to figure out what my cat likes. I thought I had narrowed it down to chicken, but he eventually got sick of that too. Based on previous purchases I was sure he hated all seafood except for tuna water. Being that Tiki has a lot of tuna mixes, I thought I’d give it a try.

Amazingly, he loved it! I was really surprised since the brand of chicken he likes also makes quite a few seafood varieties that he did not like. For whatever reason, he seems to enjoy every seafood variety in this pack (but not so much the chicken, as it’s a lot drier in comparison to his usual chicken in gravy). He’s still insanely picky and doesn’t like the same food several days in a row, but I can combine even a little bit of this with his other foods and he’ll eat it. Very happy with this find!!

VernonEastman, GA

Cat despised this food

After reading recent article in the New York Times, I was excited to get this food for my finicky kitty. Purchased the variety pack since I wanted to test out his preference. He pretty much hated them all; some, he just sniffed, looked at, meowed at me and wouldn’t go near. A few smelled pretty awful as well.
InaStonington, CT

My sick cat loved this stuff

I had an elderly cat with kidney disease and stomach tumors. I think this cat food extended his life by a couple months. It looks and smells like real human food.
KendraSublette, IL

Cat’s health immediately improved

I have a cat who has to have a calorie-restricted diet and was not doing well on the Rx food from the vet. Much heaving and discomfort. I switched brands, this, that, the other and no food seemed to help. This is the only brand that keeps him in good trim, with no dry heaves. It’s basically fish or chicken, fish oil and that’s about it. There are a few varieties with a bit of rice.

The food looks like tuna or chicken salad and the cat LOVES it. I am sure I gave him extra years of life by putting him on this food.

BertramTekonsha, MI

My cats love some of the variety pack flavors.

They like the product and it’s healthy (according to the company). Two of my cats love the sardine and
all except one love the tuna flavors.
JeannineLockhart, AL

My Cat loves this stuff…

My 13-year old male cat has been a non-fish eater his whole life. I decided to upgrade the quality of his food and bought a sample pack of Tiki Cat. He went wild. There is quite a variety and he favored some much more than others. But the best way to find out is get a sample pack and see what he/she likes.
Theres a variety of tuna combinations, calimari, sardines, mackeral, lobster and crab. The fish is very fresh and apparently fished in low mercury oceans so you can relax about the amount you feed your kitty.
Our cat now demands fish nearly every day. We still feed him other high-quality cat foods, but most of the time…it’s Tiki.
JonasHarrisonville, MO

Too much fish for a variety pack, but….

I bought this variety pack so my cats could try the chicken flavors without fish, but they hated it. However, they did like a couple of flavors…so I will order those (if I can remember which ones! argh)

My BIG questions/concern: the fine print on the bottom of each can says “feed one can for every 3 lbs of bodyweight daily”…

One of our cats weights 16 lbs (Maine Coon) and the other, 12 lbs, so I will need to feed a total of 9 cans/day. (who can afford that?) This MUST be wrong info?

What cat would eat that much food in one day?

Makes me question the company. (they also included one flavor that had menadione sodium bisulfate – a known carcinigen – listed on the can, but when I called I was assured they eliminated that from all flavors last year, and that they just haven’t “caught up” with new labels yet. hmmmmm.

If you are feeding this food, do YOU feed according to the label instructions?

I’ve been feeding/offering 1-2 cans of Fancy Feast Classic/day to my 2 cats, but they never finish it.

Why do I need to almost triple that amount of Tiki Cat? (I do put out high quality (40% protein) kibble 24/7. A good quality, high protein kibble fills up cats in all the right ways, so one expects them to eat less. My cats only eat 1/2 cup of kibble/day (that’s total for both, not each cat!) Seems way too little, but they maintain their weight just fine on it and the FF. So, I have to wonder about how TikiCat came up with the huge amount needed to feed?

I’d love to hear what others do. If cats “need” that many cans of TIKI CAT, then each can must be very low on nutrients, as I assume to get the proper nutrients, they need all those cans as per the label? I hope someone can make sense out of this. I emailed the company just now as I totally missed that last line until placing an order for Hookena Luau, Hana Luau & Napili Luau. (some of their cans have better (safer) ingredients than others; and those are the more expensive ones & of course those are the ones I will feed IF I find out I don’t need to follow the feeding guidelines…..)

BrittneyStockertown, PA