Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food 12-Pack Tahitian Grill Sardine Cutlets Pet Food

Tiki Cat Gourmet Whole Food Brand Cat Food Tahitian Grill is sliced Sardine prepared in Sardine consommé for a grain free, gravy free, zero carb meal. Feed 2-percent of body weight per day to maintain weight. Typically feedings include one 2.8z can in the morning and evening per day or a 6.0z can split between 2-3 cats per day in the morning and evening. Great to feed solely or to supplement a dry food diet by adding the missing moisture and boosting the necessary protein and fat levels missing from kibble.

Quick facts

  • A Whole Food Diet USDA Certified for Human Consumption and Famous for Super Palatability
  • A Biologically Appropriate Natural Prey Nutrient Profile Featuring a Moisture, Protein and Fat Rich Food with 0-percent Percent Carbohydrates
  • Gently Cooked Gourmet Prepared Ingredients for Superior Taste, Nutrition and Variety, Cooked in Healthy Consommé with no Gravies
  • An Ideal Prevention and Treatment Wellness Nutrition Program Commonly Recommended for use in UTI, CRF, IBS, Diabetes and other Conditions by Vets
  • Sustainable Foods and Materials Made in Responsible Ways To Protect Our Future with the Best Food Safety Standards in the World

Top reviews

Great Quality Food

When you open a can, you see sardine cutlets. Looks and smells just like human grade sardines in a can. Great thing is these are balanced for a feline diet with all the needed vitamins and minerals.

Very good quality cat food and the cats enjoy it. Made at a human food factory with human grade ingredients. I try to use this brand, BFF, Weurva and then for dry food Orijen cat food. My Himalayan cats are on a no grain, no gluten/filler diet. This wet food in combination with the dry has led to great coats, no hair balls, good energy and solid not too stinky poo 🙂

DinaEvergreen, NC

my cats love it!

My cats love this cat food. It is high quality human grade food. Contains no by products. Contains actual pieces of fish and does not look like typical cat food. My cat with IBS can digest this without any problem.
AraceliEgeland, ND

Mostly Loved

I have four indoor cats and one outdoor kitty and all vote on the quality of the food they receive from Amazon.
All five say that they IMMEDIAATELY loved these Sardine Cutlets from Tiki Cat. They say the taste was good, the consistency was fine and the amount of fluid was adequate. (They all enjoy a bit of a drink along with their wet food!)
But “our Mom gave them to us too often. This is a rich food and we do not want it everyday. It kind of reminds us of how humans love their chili dogs. Humans just seem to go ape for chili dogs now and again. They load them up with chili, sauerkraut, onions (ugh!), pickle relish, and sometimes even cheese. Then they eat and eat. Plus, they stuff in some of those ruffled chips. Then they rub their tummies and say how great those chili dogs were, BUT, it is a WHILE before we see them go out and do that sort of chowing down again!!! That is how it is with us and the SARDINE CUTLETS. We can really chow down on them, but then we need a break. About three weeks seems to be right and then we have a go at them again. Those cutlets are lovely, but they are NOT an everyday food for us fur people!”

And that folks, seems to be exactly how my kitties feel about the Sardine Cutlets. If I give them some every two or three weeks, and it seems every three weeks is the best, they have a wonderful time eating Sardine Cutlets. If I give them another can right away, they just walk off. So, therein lies the “chili dog” analogy. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them once in a while, but too often is TOO OFTEN. So, I buy a case and it lasts me quite a while: 2 or 3 months. But, when they are in the mood, LOVE THEM THEY DO!

Since this is not an everyday food that they like all the time, all five have agreed that this is a four star item. EVERYDAY, ANYDAY foods get 5 stars. All are agreed on this vote and they say “Thank you very much for your attention to our opinions. We only tell you Amazonian friends the truth and the truth is that the Sardine Cutlets are a four star food feast, BUT they are Wonderful now and again for your feline people, so do order them. Just do not feed too often. Thank you.” from
Gabriella, Trinity, Wisdom, Mercy, and Yellow Kitty.

LylaWestfield Center, OH

Good product, poor shipping

While my cat loves the sardines, and he is very fussy, the cans arrived smashed. Five were leaking and I had to throw them away.
They were from Whole Healthy Pet. I would not get any products from them unless they change their shipping practice.
VivienZionville, NC

Cats didn’t like it

I was looking for a cat food flavor with sardines and tried this. Neither of my cats would eat it.
JoellaRobinson, ND