Tiki Cat Waimea Luau Tuna On Rice with Prawns – 12 x 2.8 oz

Tiki Cat Waimea Luau Tuna on Rice with Prawns Tiki Cat Waimea Luau Tuna on Rice with Prawns is a delightful combination of shredded ahi tuna served on brown rice and topped with prawns. This canned food recipe is cooked in tuna broth for a great taste and contains added vitamins and minerals to support overall health of your feline friend. Tiki Cat Waimea Luau Tuna on Rice with Prawns Only 1% carbohydrates Rich source of protein Made with shredded ahi tuna Omega rich dietA Closer Look: This prawns meal is made from only whole meats, seafood and other food ingredients. This canned food is a source of protein which can support strong muscles and omega-fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat. There are added vitamins and minerals too that can support important bodily functions. Made Specially for: Cats of all ages

Quick facts

  • Tiki Cat
  • Waimea Luau
  • Canned
  • Cat Food
  • 2.8 oz, case of 12

Top reviews

The Cat LOVES IT !!!!!!!

I tried a single can of TIKI foods in a few flavors at a local health food store. She want ape-nuts over it. Will def buy again
LesaTroy, MO

Tiki Cat food didn’t satisfy our finicky cat.

I hoped that Tiki cat could end my long journey to find the best cat food, but unfortunately it didn’t. Our 6 month old kitten is very finicky about her food, and I have been looking for her food on a weekly basis. To make the matter worse, our cat has urinary crystals and the vet suggested to give her “wet food only.” So far, I have tried Science Diet (all flavor), Natural choice (all flavor), Natural Balance (all flavor), Merrick’s Before Grains, Fancy Feast and so forth. I got excited when I found Tiki Cat at Amazon.com. It looked perfect because it said “Many vets across the nation approve for use in UTI, CRF, IBS, and other serious health conditions.” It also said their food was a “human grade.” However, when I opened one of the Tiki Cat canned food, I really doubted if it was a human grade food. At least, it didn’t smell nice or look yummy to me. Moreover, our cat walked away as soon as she smelled the food. Now I have to think what to do with the left over cans of Tiki Cat. I have tried to feed it to our cat by adding some shredded cheese. It sometimes works, other times doesn’t.
I would like to add that Weruva Cat food which I ordered together with Tiki Cat looked and smelled much better than Tiki Cat, it looks like high quality cat food. Our cat prefers Weruva to Tiki Cat too. The prices of Weruva and Tiki Cat are about the same on Amazon.com, and if so, I would definitely choose and recommend Weruva to a friend.
ThadSparks, GA

My finicky cats think they have died and gone to heaven!

Over the last couple of years, I can’t begin to tell you how many healthy moist cat foods I have tried, only to have the product sit in the cat bowls untouched.
I had just about given up on finding any moist food that Kali and Kipton would even consider eating. But much to my surprise, my two picky eaters love, love, love this stuff! The little stinkers wake me up every morning now crying for their “Tiki Cat” tuna flavors (can’t believe the variety that’s offered). You would think they haven’t eaten in weeks. The minute their bowls are down, they inhale this food like it’s their last supper. Tiki Cat has made a believer out of me!
GlennaEphrata, PA

In disbelieve how much my cats love this…

I have 2 extremely picky cats… Have been going crazy, trying to feed them healthy, while searching for food that they actually enjoy. Found Tiki cat online, and decided to give it a shot. Was prepared for them to walk away from it (just like every single other healthy canned food, I tried to introduce in the past). The ingredient list on the label was very impressive: human grade food, first ingredient is actual fish or meat, no by-products, etc. Once I opened a can – the smell was very pleasant. Smelled like actual human food, looked very good.. and most importantly – was instantly approved by both of my cats!!! (even by the one, who refused to eat canned food, no matter what I offered her…) So far we tried salmon, and few different kinds of tuna, and they all were equally loved.
WOW! Very happy/impressed/excited/amazed, and finally can rest from endless searching, and enjoy watching my kitties love their food time! Highly recommend!
DarlaBelvedere Tiburon, CA

Wow! What a reaction

My 11 year old cat has just undergone her second thyroid lobe surgery, and her appetite has been waning even though I have been feeding her another premium canned food. I bought a small can of Tiki “tuna on rice with crab surimi” and waved it under her nose tonight and she literally jumped to her feet and ran to her feeding station. She’s now a member of the clean plate club even with a small bit of medication mixed in. I’m sold!Tiki Cat Honolulu Luau Tuna On Rice with Crab Surimi Canned Cat Food
RenayGilman, IA