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Canned Food for Cats

Quick facts

  • A Whole Food Diet Certified for Human Consumption & Famous for Super Palatability
  • A Natural Prey Nutrient Profile Formulation
  • An Ideal Prevention and Treatment Wellness Nutrition Program

Top reviews

Cat loves it

My 2 year old male cat was eating Wellness canned for most of his life but then got diarrhea so I had to put him on a bland diet of boiled chicken for a little more than a month. I tried switching him back to Wellness but the diarrhea came back so I have decided to try a new food. He never really ate the Wellness food with enthusiasm but loved his boiled chicken so I tried to find something as close as possible to JUST chicken (with the vitamins he needs of course). I’ve done a ton of research and Tiki Cat came out on top due to its nutrition, grain-free, no preservatives, low ash, etc. I just started switching him to this today, and I am already so impressed with the Tiki Cat food. It literally smells and looks like something we would eat (it is human grade)!

He ate this so fast and loved it so much, I thought he might throw up after. He left some of the boiled chicken behind but each bite of the Tiki Cat is gone. It makes me happy to be feeding him something so healthy that he loves so much.

SumikoLyndhurst, VA

Awesome cat food

I agree with everything the previous two reviews have said.

One of my cats has stomatitis – her teeth and gums are chronically inflamed, making it difficult for her to eat most canned foods (since most canned cat foods are mushy and stick to her teeth like peanut butter). The texture of this cat food is different – it comes in little shreds or strips, making it much easier for her to eat because nothing gets stuck to her painful, painful mouth.

Also, the manufacturers will send you detailed nutrition information (down to the exact calories and milligrams) if you email them!

Sidenote – all but maybe one or two of TikiCat’s varieties are very low in phosphorus, making them super awesome for cats with kidney issues.

VallieOsprey, FL

Another quality food from Tiki!

I bought quite a few of the tuna varieties plus the 72 can packs of chicken and of salmon and wanted another kind of chicken to alternate for my cats dinners. I bought one case of this to make sure my pickiest cat would like the egg in it and gave it to them last night. It was a big hit so I’m back to take advantage of this sale. Kind of funny that the real sale is with the single case other than the larger amount, but as long as I get the best deal I don’t care. (6 single cases which is equal to the 72 pack is only 85.68 versus the 91.87 for the 6 pack) My cats are loving this food and I intend to keep buying it for them.
MarielleMartell, NE

Packed full of chicken and egg

This can is absolutely jam-packed with small bits of shredded chicken and a few little cubes of egg. The food is moist, but there is very little fluid in the can. I was surprised at how much food it seemed to be when dumped onto a plate; it seemed to “expand” to more then the typical plateful from a 3.3 oz. can.

A freshly opened can smells like chicken – nothing more. It looks and smells better than canned “people food” chicken!

Our cats typically eat Weruva, but picked some of this up to try; they have licked the plates clean each time it is fed and seem to really enjoy it. They seem to have a slighly easier time with the size and texture of the Tiki Cat chicken – or, at leas, they make less mess when eating it. We always find stray bits of Weruva chicken on the floor after feeding that food. Our cats have not had any stomach-related adjustment problems, either.

This company also has an informative webpage with clear nutritional facts about their product. From what I can tell, it looks like a safe, high-quality, low-carb, high protein cat food option; a good pick for pretty much any kitty with healthy kidneys.

KatheleenAiken, TX

My cat rejects it… 🙁

…I am at my wits end… My cat only eats one single brand of food – Purina One, and only chunks with gravy. I have tried soooo many healthy, grain free, organic foods, and he just won’t eat them. It is ridiculous..!! TikiCat and other brands contain such amazing ingredients…how can he not like those???
The last time I wanted to force him to eat the good stuff and didn’t give him Purina for several days…he pooped on my bath rug..!! Should I just give up and keep buying the cheap stuff..?? Any advice from my dear fellow cat griends..?? I’d be very thankful…
KelsiMoneta, VA