Timothy’s World Coffee Rainforest Espresso K-Cup

This espresso coffee blend contains approximately 25% more coffee than our standard Rainforest Espresso K-Cups. The result is a strong, full bodied coffee. A sweet, smooth and richly satisfying pause in your day. This selection is Rainforest Alliance Certified which protects the rainforests and the people and the wildlife that depend on them. A choice that you can feel good about!

Quick facts

  • Timothy’s World Coffee Case of two boxes, each containing 24 K-cups total of 48 K-cups
  • 27% more coffee than standard Rainforest Espresso K-cups
  • Strong and full bodied with a sweet, smooth and richly satisfying flavor
  • Single-serving packaging means no mess or wasted pots of coffee
  • Made from the top 1-5% of Arabica beans from coffee growing regions around the world and roasted in Canada
  • Coffee K-Cup for Keurig Gourmet Single Cup Brewer; no messy grinding or clean up
  • Airtight to lock in freshness and flavor
  • Brewing occurs inside the K-Cup so no flavor residue is left behind to spoil the next cup.
  • Made from the top 1-5% of Arabica beans from coffee growing regions around the world and roasted in Canada
  • Please note: ‘regular’, ‘bold’ and ‘extra bold’ refer to the amount of coffee in the K-Cup

Top reviews

If you prefer a smooth cup of coffee

I purchased this item after reading through the reviews on Amazon. I have to say that I haven’t been disappointed. The cups contain a blend of arabica and kona coffee. They brew with a nice aroma and color. I would describe them as a medium roast with a medium strength. Depending on your mood you can adjust the strength by adjusting the cup size and changing your creamer. I’ve had success using whole milk, half and half, and light cream, with light cream being the best in my opinion. The taste is mellow and very smooth. I have read other reviews here that have described them as weak or tasteless. This is simply not the case. I would compare it to the coffee from Dunkin Donuts. If you prefer your coffee extra bold, dark roasted, or strong (Starbucks) then you are just not going to be happy with these. Also, if you prefer to “double brew” your cups to get the most for your money, you will be very disappointed. These will brew a delicious cup of coffee, but only if you use them as directed. Finally I have to say that Amazon is the best place to buy these. They have the best prices and fast shipping. Add this to your subscribe and save to get 15% extra off.
KiethCooperstown, ND

Good Coffee Good Price No Waste

Timothy’s Colombian Decaffeinated is a good tasting coffee for a good price. The savings are even better if you sign up for the auto renew program. Also, we have found that you can use each cup twice. Therefore it’s like getting twice the quantity for the money. I checked with the Keurig company and they said by processing the cups for two cups of coffee or tea will not hurt the machine.

Best, Al

ShayneNatural Bridge, VA

An extremely flavorful light-roast coffee

One of the pleasures of a Keurig is that you can serve a friend or a guest a cup of coffee that will please them and their tastes, not just what you brew for yourself everyday. I happen to enjoy strong, deeply roasted blends (the kind that you usually find at the specialty coffee shops which seem to be all over the place now). However, not everyone shares my enjoyment of a strong, full-bodied cup of coffee.

I have many friends who often say something like “I love coffee but Starbucks is just too strong for me”. Enter Donut Blend. I have purchased many boxes of Coffee People’s Donut Shop Coffee and it is a favorite for many of my friends and family. When Timothy’s announced that they were coming out with the “Original Donut Blend” I got in line to try it. Here is my take on it:

It is certainly a little lighter than Coffee People’s version but the taste is more complex with clean, bright notes of spice and low acidity. Surprisingly, it reminds me a little of the Peaberry Kona coffee that I brought back from Hawaii. It is a perfect blend for those who like their coffee black or with just a little cream and still want it to taste like coffee. If someone drinks several cups a day I think that Timothy’s Donut Blend will not overwhelm their taste buds and will still taste fresh cup after cup. Mind you, I drink Newman’s Own Bold Blend on a regular basis and will continue to do so, but if I am having more than two cups (for those “special” mornings when nothing seems to go right) or if I am having a cup later in the day I will drink this one.

Just rating it on what I want in a coffee I give it four stars, but judging it for what it is (and not just what I like), it fully delivers and deserves five stars.

Coffee People Medium Extra Bold, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging]

KatiaKnoxville, TN

Best Chocolate Flavor by Far

I’m a chocoholic and have tried every mocha, swiss almond chocolate, etc. coffee I’ve ever seen, k-cup and not k-cup. This is the best. It may actually be better than German chocolate cake–it’s like a no-cal, fat-free dessert. My favorite way to drink it right now is to throw in a packet of Splenda and a little bit of Organic Valley chocolate soy milk, though it’s good without sweetener or creamer. It’s chocolaty, with a hint of coconut. I highly recommend for anyone who likes coffee (it’s not a weak coffee, like most of the flavored kcups I’ve tried). Also, Amazon’s price for Timothy’s is the best I can find, subscribe and save price comes out to around $0.37 a cup. Enjoy!!
MoonArk, VA

Need to brew small cup size. Check the price!

I have been getting the Coffee People Extra Bold Donut Shop K-Cups but I used to buy and enjoy some of the Timothy’s coffees too so I thought I’d try this. Our family are Dunkin Donut coffee fans. We even fill the my k-cup with preground DD coffee occasionally. I found the Timothy’s Donut Blend to be very bland, almost watery. I have the Keurig that allows 4 sizes of cups to be brewed. I usually brew on the 3rd largest size. I decided to try this coffee with a smaller cup and it was better, but I wish it worked well at the larger sizes.

This probably explains the discrepancies in the reviews. Those who can only brew (or choose to brew) smaller sizes probably like this coffee.

Make sure you check the price before you buy. Click more buying choices to get to Amazon’s price which is almost half the price of Liquid Nation’s and it is eligible for prime. Why doesn’t that show up as a default?

MarianneBuford, OH

Our Top Choice Coffee

When my wife and I had to make a selection from more than 100 varieties of
K-Cups available for our new Keurig brewer, we made a rating sheet copied
from the Keurig listing of all the brands and types. We marked a rating
of one to five points for each cup we drank for several months. A rating
of one point meant “Perfect, couldn’t be better”, and five points
indicated “Don’t like this one”. We rated one to nine cups of each of 30
coffees evaluated. Timothy’s Extra Bold Parisian Nights came out on top
with the most number one ratings.

We found that our preference was for the Extra Bold Roasts. We do not
prefer the weaker strengths. The Parisian Nights has great flavor and
aroma with no bitterness. This is a great cup of coffee.

We’re now on our sixth Subscribe and Save shipment of 4 boxes every two
months which proves our satisfaction with this coffee.

IvetteAmbrose, GA


I bought a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas this year. We all enjoy different coffees in our household and making a pot of any type coffee is a waste. My husband is an espresso drinker, so I purchased Timothy’s World Extra Bold Rainforest Espresso coffee to be made with the small setting on the coffee maker which uses 5.25 oz water. This makes it stronger, and he really has enjoyed this coffee. I really recommend this to anyone who enjoys a bold espresso coffee. He was born and raised in Italy and has purchased his coffee grounds from Italy for years to make an authentic cup of espresso. He is fussy about his espresso, so if he likes this one, it must be good.
ViFowler, CA


Thanks to our purchase of a Keurig, I am a converted coffee drinker. Timothy’s German Chocolate Cake is my absolute favorite. A delectable blend of warm caramel and coconut gives this coffee a deliciously sweet note while retaining a medium-bodied blend. It isn’t too sugary – it’s just right! In fact, my hubby and his coworkers all claim this as their number one flavored coffee too. It is scrumptious.
JerriHyattville, WY

Timothys Donut Shop

I currently use Coffee People’s version of Donut Shop and when I saw Timothy’s version I wanted to give it a try. This is not as full body as Coffee People’s version but I really like the smooth low acidity taste. If you don’t want a bold rich flavor I think you will love this smooth great tasting coffee as much as I do.
LeiaHudson, IA

This is THE ONE

For those who like a bit more flavor than the soft breakfast blends — this is the best of the bunch. I have worked through most brand “bolds” and come back to this one every time. Black Tiger is similar but does not have some of the added flavor notes found here.
MarvelShady Grove, FL