Tire Tread Licorice, Black, 2-Ounce Bars

Fresh and flavorful, Tire Tread Licorice is a great on-the-go snack. Made in Finland with all-natural ingredients, each piece boasts a tempting blend of aniseed oil and licorice extract. Packaged in three fun peelable pieces, Tire Tread treats are convenient to carry and fun to eat. Each handy pack of Tire Tread Licorice contains two ounces of rich and velvety licorice.

Quick facts

  • Case of 42 2-ounce bars (total of 84 ounces)
  • Made with aniseed oil and real licorice extract
  • All-natural snack with rich and velvety texture
  • Three fun peelable pieces
  • Made in Finland

Top reviews

If you love black licorice, you’ll love this.

This licorice was very very good. It was a little sticky, but that didn’t keep me from eating it. If your favorite candy is black licorice, you’ll buy more of this.
ShainaKulpsville, PA

Fresh! Awesome!

Soft, not rock hard, not going to pull out my tooth fillings!

I have never tasted such amazing wonderful magnificent licorice! Anything else , is not true licorice! This may be a bit “strong” of flavor if one is used to the nasty corn syrup watered down no flavor kind of candy. I very much feel this is TRUE licorice….

this is made with wheat … Wheat and flavor (natural herbs?) natural oils… GOOD stuff, instead of that icky sticky awful corn syrup stuff. My mouth feels clean after this Anise (?) licorice, unlike other candy.

This contains wheat. (I have wheat “SENSITIVITIES” however, I feel no sedative clogging fatigue depressed “sensitivity” issues, as , it seems to pass all too quickly. Heh. It seems that if one eats an entire bag (bags) of ANY LICORICE as one serving (3 or more, more, more”servings per package”) that some people could experience less desirable results in the lower GI tract. Just , ah, words of advice, as this Finland licorice is just THAT good, and THAT enticing…. ; P Try not to eat the entire bag! or two bags! This actually HELPS ,naturally, motivates my lower GI tract, so no worries. heh.sorry. Maybe some folks might find this helpful information. EWwww. sorry.

SimonHorton, KS

Getting More for the Road

I have tried ‘all sorts’ of licorice. I would put Tire Tread in the same category as traditional laces/threads/ropes. In that category, this is the most flavorful/moist licorice I have tried. Both me and my wife agree.

As some reviewers have noted, it is a little sticky, but I can’t see why/how that is a bad thing. The licorice is firm, but not so chewy as to make your jaw sore and literally is bursting with strong licorice flavor.

AprilFairplay, CO

Best licorace

Great product! Nothing artificial. It peals into 3 layers for more mileage out of your tire treads……..
LaquandaMadeline, CA

Tire Treads are great

I think this is the best licorice because it is soft, natural and fresh. I have tried them all and this is number one in my book.
BonnyPiedra, CA

Killer Black Licorice

Love this stuff!! Really good black licorice, maybe a bit more authentic than American licorice bars of the past were. So, if you liked licorice bars in the past, this is a wonderful relief and treat. Good price too !!
CarleyKinderhook, NY

Tire Tread is a Good Name for This Licorice

Because that’s what it tastes like. Seriously, this licorice is awful.

It is sticky. Some licorice you can hold between your fingers and pop into your mouth. Not this stuff. And heaven-forbid you get it near an angora sweater.

I also find the texture vaguely unpleasant. Some reviewers appreciated the softness of the product. To me it just felt characterless and mushy in my mouth. Not completely unpleasant, but not pleasant.

But more important than the tactile feel of the confection is the taste. And it gets worse with every bite! I’ve had some food items that tasted unusual at first, but got better and better the more I ate. Not Tire Tread licorice. Every bite has me sinking further into the taste of the manufacturing of vulcanized rubber.

I don’t think this candy’s problem is too much of a licorice taste. I’ve had various licorice products from Europe and Asia. No, the candy has a vaguely dirty taste, like it’s been tooling down the road before hopping in my mouth.

NenitaMohawk, MI

Strangely yummy and addictive.

VERY sticky and moist, but interesting and appealing texture. Soft but not mushy and a licorice blast! I could eat a pile of this yummy tread but limit myself.
KimiNorth Charleston, SC

Good Stuff

For the licorice lover, this is terrific. Cut up the bars into one inch pieces and store in a zip bag. I am delighted.Tire Tread Licorice, Black, 2-Ounce Bars (Pack of 42)
RogelioLewisburg, OH

sticky; beet juince sweeten

Nice that it has all natural ingredients. However, beet juice seems to be very sweet. Also, as mentioned before, it sticky!

Lets say it is unique. Not in a bad unique way.

StasiaMc Gehee, AR