Tisano Organic Chocolate Tea

In the west we are only now discovering the antioxidant power and health benefits of Cacao – the bean that all chocolate is made from. Cacao contains over 300 compounds such as: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and magnesium. Our Organic herbal tea is made from the delicate fibrous shell around the cacao bean making it the perfectly brewed Real Chocolate TeaTM. For a smart alternative to coffee or black tea try our caffeine-free, anitoxidant-rich cacao tea. At Tisano we believe in not only sustainable farming but also sustainable business, that is why why we commit 2% of profits from this product to the cacao farming co-operatives we work with and another 3% to The Victor Pineda Foundation – a disability non-profit.

Quick facts

  • Natural Source of Antioxidants
  • Less caffeine than Green Tea
  • 100% Organic Pure Cacao
  • The Original brewed cocoa beverage.
  • Contains Theobromine – the feel good stimulant in dark chocolate that raises seratonin

Top reviews

No better than high quality cocoa in your hot water

I really wanted to love this, but at the high price–directions say 3 spoons per 8 oz water– I like my Ghirardelli cocoa in hot water. Just as good, waaay cheaper.
RoseannaFall River Mills, CA


I was so excited about this chocolate tea! After reading rave reviews I thought I would give it a try. It tastes like you are drinking water-downed baking chocolate. It was incredibly bitter. I added a bit of raw sugar which helped a bit, but it didn’t make it amazing. I think the only way that it could possible taste good is if you made it with hot milk and a lot of sugar. At that point you might as well just have normal hot chocolate. Save yourself the money- don’t buy this.

Side comment: I never received the lid to the tin. Who sends a tin without a lid? I am really not sure.

MintaDade City, FL

Good, Not Great.

I was really excited about getting this tea. I have been attempting to eliminate bad foods and drinks from my diet so I thought this would be a good way to curb my chocolate cravings. The best thing about this tea is how it smells, it really is amazing. The flavor however is not so amazing. I do not know how someone could drink this without any kind of sweetener or milk added because it really does have a bitter taste. I added some sugar substitute to my tea as well as a small dollop of whipped cream. I enjoyed the taste of it after some doctoring but overall I do not think it is worth the nearly 15$ price tag. I am a fan of very dark chocolate but I had trouble with this. It seems very strong and likely to induce a stomach ache if one is not careful. I will have to be in a very specific mood to drink this again.
EugenieMerna, NE

I like it!

This is the first loose tea I’ve tried and I like it. I thought I would have to add milk and honey but I like it plain, too. The tin was chock-full and in good condition.
TalishaChincoteague Island, VA

Yummy and Good for You

Brilliant way to indulge in the flavor of chocolate without having to think about sugar or gluten or anything else you might be trying to avoid. Last year I drank this yummy organic tea while on a detox plan and it was very satisfying and felt decadent. It smells like hot chocolate or, as my son says, brownies, lending a soothing aroma-therapeutic effect as well.

The tea contains nutrients such as Vitamin D, potassium, and magnesium, antioxidants and Theobromine which boost energy and mood.

MartineParis, VA

Pure Chocolate Bliss

Steeping the cocoa bean shells into a fragrant and delicious tisane is such a stroke of genius. The pure chocolate flavor and aroma is outstanding. For those who say it is watery, thin, bitter etc…This is not Swiss Miss Sweetened Hot Cocoa. If you appreciate a natural chocolate flavor extracted from the cocoa shells thus also rendering all the known health benefits of chocolate, without the sugar and preservatives then this is a must try. Sure you can add milk and sweetener if you desire but please, do try it plain first. It needs nothing. I also left the shells in my mug and let them settle at the bottom with no negagtive effect on the flavor. It is impossible to oversteep this. The flavor only becomes more intense and stays smooth. Also a big Thank You to Bill at Tisano who was super helpful & friendly in our email exchange.
ClydeSidney, MI

SImply Perfect!

I got a Tin for Christmas from my wife. I did not know what to think as I have never heard of Chocolate Tea… We prepared a few cups for some friends and were very pleasantly surprised. The rich aroma of chocolate in a cup. MORE enticing is the smooth texture of this magical elixer… It is truly a nectar of the gods… If you don’t believe me check out the buzz from other reviewers and tea bloggers…
SondraMount Joy, PA

Decadent, chocolatey WOW!!!! The most delicious “tea” ever

I just opened the package and made my first cup – and immediately logged on to Amazon ordered two more packages of this tea!

The heavenly aroma of chocolate filled the kitchen as soon as I opened the tin.
The cocoa shells are light, crispy, delicate, and CHOCOLATEY.

I nibbled a few of them as I waited for the kettle to boil…. Crispy, crunchy and delicious!

I decided to use a coffee press for my cacao shell tea. I measured out the approximate amount, and marveled at the aroma.
As I crunched on a few more of the delicious cacao shells while waiting for the boiling water, I became aware of my mood subtly brightening. The kettle whistled, and I poured the boiling water carefully into the cafe press. Rising along with the billowing steam, an unmistakeable scent of fine chocolate was strong and beautiful.

I took my first sip and it was HEAVEN. This is like drinking the smoothest, purest dark chocolate. Even without added milk and sugar it is just beautiful.

The mood-brightening effects of the theobromine are amazing. I feel happy. Coffee can make me crabby, but these cacao shells are having the opposite effect.

Highly recommended!

I am very happy with this product.

LynettaState Line, IN

great tea !

I really love this tea ! it really is a wonderful smelling — it tastes great — it really doesn’t need much honey — I love the smell of the cocoa — it makes you smile if chocolate lover —
LatoshaMountain Pine, AR

Chocolate tea recipe

Length:: 0:17 Mins

My eastern european recipe for the best cup of Tisano chocolate tea …Tisano Organic Chocolate Tea

PhoebeSaint Charles, MN

Wow! Chocolate heaven.

I couldn’t wait to try this product, and I wasn’t disappointed. My fear was that it might be bitter, and acrid like unsweetened chocolate. This was not the case at all. The first thing that hits you with every sip is the wonderful dark chocolate aroma, followed by a smooth chocolatey flavor. The best part is the guilt free indulgence, no calories, very little caffeine, and all the health benefits of dark chocolate including, Theobromine which naturally raises serotonin (the feel good compound for your brain). If you like tea, and love chocolate try this tea!
LianneQuitman, AR

exotic chocolate flavor without the calories

I’ve tried other chocolate teas – black tea flavored with chocolate. They’re fine but this is THE ONE if you want pure chocolate flavor. I have it without milk and add just a little natural sweetener (agave, brown rice syrup or cane sugar). All the satisfaction of a cup of hot chocolate but lighter. Wonderful stuff! I also love the fact that it’s organic and Fair Trade.
OlimpiaFitzpatrick, AL

Tasty, earthy cocoa flavor

I’m a bit of a noob to serious tea drinking. I’ve always liked tea, but only recently have I become completely obsessed. Within the last 6 months I’ve begun to accumulate all kinds of tea. Within that time period this tea has quickly made its way into my favorites and I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I run out.

I love this stuff. No, I mean I LOVE it. Seriously. While it isn’t actually tea at all, it’s prepared the same way – add the ‘leaves’, steep, add preferred additives, drink, YUM. There is no actual tea in this product, it’s all cocoa bean shells. Because of this, you have to like the natural, earthy cocoa flavor (like that of dark, dark, dark organic chocolate you might find in a health food store) to like this tea. If you’re expecting it to taste like a candy bar or cake you’ll be disappointed. While it DOES smell like candy, it simply does not taste that way. (However, I suppose you could add an absurd amount of sweetener to give it a candy taste but that really counteracts a lot of the health benefits of this tea. It also takes away from it’s natural taste which is amazing!)

The thing that caught my eye about this tea initially was the flavor, of course. What made me really decide to make the purchase was all of the claims. The description says it has vitamin D and iron – which is especially good for someone like me who is both anemic and vitamin D deficient who could use as much of that in their daily intake as they can get- and it also claims to have natural serotonin raising capabilities due to the fact it’s pure cocoa, which as most people know, is good for you and full of feel-good elements.

While I can’t prove or disprove any of those things, I will say this tea is delicious and worth the somewhat hefty price. You get a lot of bang for you buck and unless it’s your staple tea you drink every day, several times a day it should last you quite a while.

I’d like to note that the tea-to-water ratio recommended on the container might be a little exaggerated. I use a little over half the recommended tea to go with the amount of water I’m using, and it does just fine. It doesn’t taste watery or weak at all. And unlike most teas, you can let this steep while you’re drinking it and there’s no gross, over steeped taste. I’ve also found you can also re-steep the tea 2-3 times before any substantial loss in flavor. Knowing that that, it can more than double the cups of tea you get per tin.

Anyway, the main point is I really like this tea and recommend it.

RickJoiner, AR

So good I forgot to eat!

I am a hardcore chocoholic. I try and keep fit by watching what I eat, limiting my carbs and exercising on the regular. But Chocolate…well, I haven’t been able to slay that demon.

Until NOW!

Enter Tisano.

I gained quite a bit of rebound weight gain after losing 48 lbs from my pregnancy. 160 lbs down to 112! But when I reached 112, well, I did the rebound thing. I was 112 in Dec. By 2nd week of Jan I was 133.

How? I couldn’t control my cravings.

133 not alot. But compared to my 112, it was noticeable.

Not to mention a HUGE jump.

I felt like chocolate was controlling me.

I embarked on a chocolate tea crusade. I bought every chocolate tea i came across. I know this isn’t a weight loss product, but it’s working that way for me!

I was supposed to have lunch an hour ago. Guess what? Not hungry for it. I was in the mood for my yummy chocolate tea. So drinking that instead. It’s great to not be controlled by hunger. Right now I feel relaxed and even a bit high! Whatever is in this tea is WONDERFUL.

Hurry up and buy this because I am about to buy the whole stock! Great addition to my weight loss battle or anyone elses!

DaliaElkins, WV

Absolutely wonderful!!!

I am new to flavored teas but love flavored coffee. So a frien recommended Tisano Tea and I ordered the chocolate. Wow! It is so delicious! It has helped me with my weight loss goal, when I want chocolate I have a cup of Tisano Cacao Tea with Stevia and I really feel satisfied. I have lost over 30 pounds, Counting cals, exercising and drinking chocolate tea!
CharletteIvor, VA


I love Stash decaf chocolate hazelnut tea but was looking for some variety. This is not a “tea” it is made from cocoa shells. I read all the reviews so I was kind of wary of purchasing. A few people stated that it did not have a great flavor. The smell is amazing and I feel like I am having a treat that has no calories. It does not, as others stated, have a really strong rich flavor but it is a smooth chocolate taste that is very satisfying. I do add milk and sweetener as I do with coffee. I am not sure I would love it plain. I will definitely spend the money again.
LornaBillerica, MA

I Can Have My Cup of Hot Chocolate Again!!

So after making some long over due changes to my lifestyle which resulted in losing 160lbs and counting (about 50 more to go) and being able to get off all my medication including those for High blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes I thought something like just enjoying a cup of hot chocolate would be a thing of the past. Even with my new healthy life the occasional cup is still out of the question as I’m now lactose intolerant. Figured my chocolate drinking days were behind me. And I was certainly skeptical about trying a tea based replacement when I stumbled across this. I’m not a tea drinker, at least I never was before, but cutting out all soda left me with just water and the occasional glass of fruit juice so adding tea is something I’m now doing for variety and the health benefits. And finding this chocolate tea has been a real treat! It tastes good!
At first sip, I wasn’t sure, it was like a very dark bitter chocolate, maybe some like that, but not me. But when I added a packet of splenda to it…magic! I swear it was just like a cup of hot chocolate, so good I had to have a second cup! ^_^

Even if I weren’t lactose intolerant, or concerned with calories and sugar content of which this has none of either, I would still be drinking this.

It’s that good!

ElviraJamestown, RI

Great Customer Service

I ordered Tisano Cacao Tea for my husband as he loves hot chocolate and I thought I’d surprise him with the tea. He kept waiting for his surprise package every day and it never came. I emailed the supplier and got an immediate response. They checked it out and found it was lost in shipping. They emailed me saying they were sorry and another one was shipped out immediately. My husband enjoyed his tea last night with a little agave added for sweetnessTisano Organic Chocolate Tea. I love the fact that they are Fair Trade and Ameriken Green had fantastic customer service. Will definitely order from them again.
EarlineLoop, TX

Doesn’t get any better than this!!! Nectar of the gods! Plus organic & fair trade!!

I love this product and I love the fact that I can support the company because of its business ethics. This is the best tea and the best chocolate product I have ever discovered.

I found out about the tea by accident. I was really looking for chocolate nibs that were not covered in processed chocolate. Their chocolate nibs are sold through “Eastbluff Trading Company” and they got great reviews. The nibs are indeed amazing.

But it is the tea that will keep me coming back. I plan to purchase this for all my tea and chocolate loving friends.

Preparation: The instructions say to use 3 teaspoons full and steep for five minutes. I use more than the recommended 3 teaspoons, but I steep it twice. I also steep it for longer. After steeping I pour it into my Nissan travel thermos and add “Sugar in the Raw” to taste. The “Sugar in the Raw” enhances the flavor of any tea and it is the same with this one. I don’t need much. It is delicious without the sugar, but it is my treat so I do like a little hint of sugar.

As far as I’m concerned, this is better than a chocolate bar any day!

PhyllisWeimar, CA

Chocolate flavor without bitterness.

I tried this tea at my daughter’s house and loved it. As a tea addict (there are worse things to be addicted to) or maybe I should call myself a tea collector because I try many different types of tea, I was impressed by how much chocolate flavor there was without any bitterness. It really needed no sugar. I normally make a pot of tea in the morning and then store it in a thermos to enjoy during the day. Sometimes, when I haven’t finished all of the tea by the next day, I might reheat it. That’s the only thing that I would say negatively about this tea. It changes its flavor with sitting. It’s best drunk right after brewing.
DennyClimax, CO

amazing. smells like chocolate.

tastes great with vanilla soy milk & some sugar/sweetener. smells like unsweetened chocolate. while it IS tea (it’s not magic!) satisfies my sweet tooth.
AaronYulan, NY


This tea is fantastic. Chocolate is very good for us. Sugar is not. Here’s the best of chocolate without the sugar. I confirm what the other viewers are saying: the plain tea tastes great. An additional plus: some chocolate product can keep me awake at night; this does not.
ChristelHaileyville, OK

Fantastic but not for everyone

I can see why some people gave this product a bad review. This is not for everyone. Don’t expect to make a chocolate milk shake with these cacao shells…

I received it today. The tea has great chocolate aroma (as it should), and it makes a great (and unique) cup of tea. I also co-brewed my fresh-ground coffee beans with this “tea” using my french press. Result? Makes a fantastic cup of coffee with chocolate aroma. Right now, I am drinking this tea the way I should with some raw honey and fresh mint… YUM!

VirgilioTecumseh, MI

Great cocoa taste – no calories!

Easy to make (just like any tea) and has a nice smooth, relaxing chocolate taste. No sugar or milk needed but you can add it if you want it to me more hot cocoa-esque. I’m going to try adding some mint leaves and see what levels of joy will follow!
SharikaSurprise, AZ

Great Stuff

Tisano is this unexpectedly unique and tasty tea that is unlike anything available out there. Found this at a Whole Foods in SoCal and gave it a spin. A nice, pleasant aroma and flavor of chocolate presented in a fat-free tea format that can be served plain, with sweetener or even Queen’s way with milk. It is a very healthy, anti-oxident and nutrient filled drink that tea drinkers and coco lovers should both be excited about. I’ve only steeped it to drink it hot, but I’m curious what other things you can do with it in cold format for the summer. Enjoy!
SookRoosevelt, AZ

Healthful and delicious; a chocolate lover’s dream

I was lucky enough to get a free sample box of Tisano Chocolate Tea. What an amazing product and yet it has no added sugar or dairy. It is soothing and energizing at the same time and a wonderful beverage. The company does good works too…they give back to the Venezualan farming communities who grow their organic cacao.
I drink it “straight,” just brewing in hot water and, sometimes, I add a bit of milk to give it that hot chocolate consistency!
It might seem a bit pricey, but, remember, a little bit of tea goes a long long way.
LaiFessenden, ND

Chocolate Tea like Cocoa without the Calorie Guilt

This tea smells and tastes like cocoa without the calories, sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Pour 8 oz of boiling water to 1 teaspoon of ground cocoa shell. Let it steep 4-5 minutes and when the water has turned chocolate,strain the chocolate pieces out and add milk.

WilhelminaFleetville, PA

absolutely perfect

this is my new addiction. it is delightful. if you like dark chocolate, drink it plain. if you prefer sweeter chocolates, doll it up with sugar and cream. it is heavenly.
RosalineOkauchee, WI