To Go Brands Extreme Berries, 24-Count Boxes

Delicious all natural 3 servings of fruit & 1 serving of veggies high in anti oxidents

Quick facts

  • Just rip, pour into bottled water and go!
  • Antioxidant power of 4 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Low carb, low calorie, low sugar

Top reviews

I wanted to like it….

I gave up the diet coke (aspartame/sucralose)and needed to find something i enjoy drinking. This had great reviews, so i couldn’t wait to try it. What a waste of money!! I would rather drink plain water. Not sweet at all. Don’t know how i will be able to choke down 23 more packs of this.
SarahVenedocia, OH

LOVE “To Go Brands”

I was looking to get away from artificial sweeteners, and have been away from sugar for a long time. I am so glad to have found this product on Amazon! I had seen it advertised in Natural Health magazine many times, but could never find it at the store. Since I am very familiar with stevia and have used it for years, I am IN LOVE with these packets. Helps me get my daily water intake, keeps me away from diet pop completely. Will order these packets again and again! Oh yeah, the flavor is good, too. Not overly sweet, but not too “healthy” tasting — just right.
DeannWrangell, AK


I was looking for a water mix-in without artificial sweetners. This uses Stevia, which I use at home. Just what I was looking for. It has fruit punch taste with tons of Vitamin C to boot.
AlanaMarks, MS

Tastes like strawberry chalk

I bought this 24-Count box of Extreme Berries over six months ago to liven up bottled water for my long stays on campus. I didn’t really consider the purported health benefits and I think I snagged them when they were discounted. The first time I mixed some up I noted the taste was unusual in some way but also picked up on its “natural” flavoring. I’m not implying it’s not naturally flavored, but that the flavor tasted natural, which is a good thing. Even at a discount they weren’t exactly cheap either so I really wanted to like them. But 6 months later I have more than half left and I rarely finish them once I’ve mixed them up. I typically get through about 3/4ths of it and then I can’t really stand the taste anymore. Now part of the problem is they may have aged and the ingredients may have deteriorated without the demonized preservatives I presume they excluded. But now it tastes, if it didn’t always, like strawberry chalk. If it was the only sweet thing I ever allowed myself to have, it probably would taste pretty good. But now it kind of tastes like a bunch of ground up sweet tarts suspended in water without the sugar. Now that I’ve picked out this chalkiness it seems very distinct and I just can’t enjoy it anymore. Now considering all the good stuff its supposed to have in it, and the ingredient list does seem to impress, it’s important to be fair. This is a health food (dietary supplement as it says on the box) and that wasn’t really what I was looking for. It’s not the worst tasting of that kind of product I’ve ever had and all I can really say is that in that regard it meets expectations.

Note that it is sweetened with stevia if that interests you. Really this is all about the antioxidant blend. I don’t know what competition is out there but I can say the other means of imbibing the antioxidants in this seem to me like a far less palatable endeavor.

LolitaBulger, PA

Delicious Acai from Amazon

I have been using this product for years. Like all products, the price may stay the same, but the contents are reduced in order for the manufacturer to convince the consumer they do not raise their prices. Just keep one packet and watch in a year – contents will be reduced. I now find myself using 2 packets to make one good drink. I also like to sweeten it up a bit and found a great natural sweetener (great for diabetics) – Xylitol. Been using this to satisfy the sweet tooth and it makes Acai drinks that much better, plus helps me to lower my Glucose levels.

I also found Amazon was very competitive on Acai, so I always will purchase it from them.

As far as Amazon is concerned, they are always the best, very responsible, delivers on time, and stands behind their sales. Good going Amazon.

FelipeWoodland, CA

good flavor, natural, healthy

I like this product, and enjoy mixing it with msm and other nutraceuticals
it’s going to be a great thing to take with me overseas on my sojourn~
here’s my sojourn~

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EdwardStuart, IA


This is a wonderful replacement for the not so healthy other water flavorers. I won’t mention the name, but this tastes very very good and nothing bad in it.
ZolaAbbeville, GA