Toasted Marzipan , 7.2 oz.

This toasted marzipan gift box is made from the freshest ingredients and formed into unique shapes and slightly toasted for an old fashioned appeal. This item is under the supervision of the Orthodox Union and is parve.

Quick facts

  • Toasted marzipan in our award winning packaging
  • Kosher and Pareve

Top reviews


This tastes great and is unusual. I’m a big fan of marzipan. This gets an A+.
DottiePinckney, MI

Made my Mom very happy

I sent both the toasted and the fruit marzipan to my mom as a birthday treat. She is a marzipan connoisseur and says they arrived beautiful, fresh and delicious. A hit! Thanks Amazon for carrying this fine kosher product and thanks Biermann’s for an amazingly speedy , overnight delivery (for the standard delivery cost)!
LadyLone Jack, MO


I love marzipan, and the “toasting” gives it a unique flavor that is absolutely delicious. If you like marzipan, I truly believe you’ll LOVE this product!!
AngelikaHighland Park, MI

pretty good but not the best

being raised in germany, i always had the great marzipan. when i got this box it actually did taste pretty good but it was somewhat dry, though i think the toasting is the cause of that. it didnt have an intense flavor and was more sweet than almondy, another reason it wasnt my favorite. i love marzipan but i cant afford the real expensive stuff so i buy this stuff and its delicious either way, since i rarely get to try it.
shipping was on time and it was fresh. so all in all i rate this four, for the good service, and the good tasting candy.
warning- it was smaller than i expected.
BlondellEthridge, TN

Dry, too sweet, intense

Having brought back toasted marzipans from a recent visit to Spain which were simply delicious, I ordered these thinking what a convenient way to get more. Unfortunately, while the package arrived thoughtfully packed complete with a cooling pad and insulated thermal wrap, the marzipans were a disappointment. They were very dry, too sugary sweet and had an overly intense almond flavor, almost pungent.
AugustineLand O Lakes, FL

Vary rasty

I have been eating marzipan for many years and its always hard to find in stores, I have been ordering 2 boxes every week for a while and only one box wasnt realy fresh, they have a nice flavor and just the right amount of suger.
DiedreMartin, SD

Not too sweet, nutty flavor.

I have trouble getting marzipan in stores here. Thought I’d try the toasted type and really enjoyed the flavor which was not overwhelmed by sweetness.
DemetriusCumberland, NC

Good flavor but not fresh

Obviously the BEST martzipan is Germany!! These had a unique and good flavor but they did not arrive very fresh, they were a little tough around the edges.
RaphaelHoneoye, NY