Toffifay Candy, 1.16-Ounce Packages

Toffifay is the delightful treat that brings out the best in hazelnut. Made with the finest Turkish hazelnuts, Toffifay is unlike any candy out there. Simple yet deliciously complex, these indulgent chewy little caramel cups are filled with a whole roasted hazelnut, cocoa-infused hazelnut cream, and topped with a drop of dark chocolate.   Served up in a distinctive golden tray, Toffifay takes you out of the ordinary with its wondrous array of flavors and textures in every deeply satisfying bite.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 24, 1.16-ounce packages
  • A whole hazelnut in chewy caramel with chocolate hazelnut filling and chocolate
  • Brings all your favorites together
  • Made in Germany

Top reviews

My Favorite Chocolate in the world!

Even thought the chocolates where sort of melted because I live in the desert the chocolates where tasty. It should be the sold everywhere. This Toffi fay are exquisiteness..
PartheniaBaker, FL

Just what i was looking for

My wife reallys enjoys Toffifay candy and your place was the only place i could find it thank you so very much on how fast you got the product to us the only problem we had that when the product arrived it was melted it was stilll eatable but not a pretty sight i intend on ordering again but will wait till later on towards fall so it will be cooler thank you Danny Anderson
LenoraLa Porte, IN

Absoultely addictive

I would like to second this ‘german’ review, this candy is really great. And I’m sorry to see that it’s so much more cheaper in US than in Croatia.
MoseAltaville, CA

A childhood favorite from Germany

This candy is very popular in Germany and both wifey and I are absolutely addicted to this kind of candy: soft chewy outer caramel shell, cruchy whole hazelnut in the center covered with rich dark chocolate with high cocoa content. If you haven’t ever tried these please do so: it has been popular in Germany for decades under the same name (although spelled the ‘German’ way).
LoniNew Fairfield, CT