Toffifay Candy, 1.16-Ounce Packages

Toffifay is the delightful treat that brings out the best in hazelnut. Made with the finest Turkish hazelnuts, Toffifay is unlike any candy out there. Simple yet deliciously complex, these indulgent chewy little caramel cups are filled with a whole roasted hazelnut, cocoa-infused hazelnut cream, and topped with a drop of dark chocolate.   Served up in a distinctive golden tray, Toffifay takes you out of the ordinary with its wondrous array of flavors and textures in every deeply satisfying bite.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 24, 1.16-ounce packages
  • A whole hazelnut in chewy caramel with chocolate hazelnut filling and chocolate
  • Brings all your favorites together
  • Made in Germany

Top reviews

Just OK

I thought this would be the perfect candybar, I love hazel nuts, I love caramel, and I love chocolate. But there is something about the chocolate filling that I don’t like.
they claim a whole hazel nut in each piece, but it’s probably only half. It’s an OK candy, but I will never ever buy it again. I’ll stick to Snickers with almonds!
AliaJordanville, NY

Om nom nom

I’d rank Toffifay as tied with Ferrero Rocher for the greatest chocolate candy ever. Sadly Toffifay is impossible to find depending on where you live. I thought ordering 24 packs would be overkill but I’m going through these things like nobody’s business. At this rate I’ll have to tack on an extra mile onto my daily running regimen
ThaddeusTurton, SD


When I got this it was melted through the package and what wasn’t completely destroyed was stuck to the inside of the wrappers. You would think that if you are going to ship chocolate in the summer time you would pack it in something cold. I wasn’t very happy with it. I love the candy and once you peeled it off the insides of the wrappers it was good.
LetaSaint Paul, NE

Glad to have it again.

This candy has gotten harder and harder to find. It was down to a couple convienence stores in my area that sold it and they stopped. Now a year later I typed in Toffifay into Bing and up pops Amazon. Great price for a great candy and I’m well stocked up for the next 6 months. The hard part is not eating it all the first week!
PaMullett Lake, MI


i have been looking for this candy for over a year….. I used to enjoy this as a young kid and now its back!! all there is to say is YUMMY!
ArturoBondsville, MA


I heard my kids talking about candy they remembered from childhood and they mentioned Toffifay,so I checked Amazon to see if it was still being sold. It was,and reasonably priced.I ordered a 24 pack,and divided it among their Christmas stockings.They were really surprised and happy to find it Christmas morning.I’m glad I thought of searching Amazon!
HildegardFruitvale, TX