Tofu Shirataki Noodles 10 Bags Angel Hair Shape

Nutrition Facts KOSHER Serving Size: 113g / 4.0oz Servings per Container: 2 Per Serving Calories 20 Fat Calories 5 Per Serving %DV Total Fat – 0.5g 1% Sat. Fat 0g 0% Trans Fat 0g 0% Cholesterol – 0mg 0% Sodium – 15mg 1% Total Carb. – 3g 1% Fiber Less Than 2g 9% Sugars 0g Protein – 1g Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 2% Calcium 10% Iron 2% Ingredients: FILTERED WATER, TOFU (SOYBEANS, CALCIUM SULFATE, GLUCONO DELTA LACTONE), YAM FLOUR, CALCIUM HYDROXIDE

Quick facts

  • Low Carb, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Wheat Free, Gluten free noodles.
  • Use these noodles for virtually any dish that requires pasta. Soups, Stir Fry, pasta salad, noodles dishes etc…

Top reviews

NOTHING like regular pasta

I agree with the other reviewer, the preparation alone with these noodles would cause me to give them fewer then five stars. However, if they tasted like regular pasta with only 40 calories a bag, I could deal. Unfortunately, they are disgusting. I am a big fan of the cookbook author/food blogger Hungry Girl, and she uses these all the time so I had to try them. Needless to say I was very disappointed. They were very chewy (she told her fans this, so I was prepared for it), smelled nauseating when I opened the bag (rotting vegetables or fish smell maybe?), and had a bizarre taste. Regular pasta just kind of works as a texture filler for dishes, but these noodles had a strong and weird, chalky flavor. I will NEVER, EVER buy them again and will just settle for eating pasta dishes made with whole wheat noodles only once in a while. If you still feel the need to try them, I’d recommend buying only one bag until you know whether or not they are for you.
JaBranson, CO

Horrible, rubbery, not at all like noodles

These look like noodles, but after that there is no comparing this product to pasta. The texture is rubbery and there is no flavor. If you love pasta, you will not love this product.
ArleenEvensville, TN

Hey… these are pretty darn good!!

I am very impressed with these noodles. I microwaved them straight from the bag, without rinsing, served with some pasta sauce and Chicken Parmesan and WOW, very good!! I did not notice any odor. If you are on a diet, I would give them a try at 20 calories, why not! They don’t even need cooked.
MargaretaPurchase, NY

Tried them for the first time today……

Today I tried the spaghetti Tofu Shirataki noodles by House Foods. I would give these noodles a five stars if it weren’t for the pre-preparation that is involved. I found these at my local Asian mart for about $2.00.

First you must rinse these noodles well because the liquid they come in smells like a lake (you should prepare yourself for the smell). Second, you need to lay out the noodles on paper towels and press down removing as much of the liquid as possible before use.

Next I fried them on high heat with a small amount of oil and butter. After a few minutes I then added my frozen stir-fry vegetable medley. I then added some broth, soy sauce, and finally a thickener such as corn starch. Stir it up, bring to a boil, and turn it off.

Really it tasted great- very much like the ramen noodles. It is important to note that the noodles themselves have “no flavor” and actually absorb the flavor of whatever ingredients you are cooking them in. So let them sit it whatever flavor suits you.

GeraldForks, WA

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

I first heard about Shirataki noodles years ago and decided I would try it. I went to Fiesta and got these Tofu Shirataki Noodle. Shirataki are made from Konjac yams and the added tofu gives it a harder texture. The noodles without tofu added is 0 calories. The one with tofu is 20 cal per 4 oz which is low in cal. I always rinse the noodles first. I never cook it longer than 3 minutes. The first time I ever made Shirataki Noodles I cooked it like regular pasta and it turned into a gel–this was years ago. I learned that was the worst mistake to make and changed how I make these noodles. The next time I made it correctly and tried to eat it with pasta sauce. That didn’t work for me, since the flavors did not merry and I was accustomed to the hard texture of pasta. The noodles are similar to the texture of vermicelli rice noodles. I personally prefer it in soups and not as a substitute for spaghetti. I would sometimes eat it with a sauce I make with soy sauce, shredded ginger, chili paste, and sprinkle green onions on top for looks. I have tried this rinsed without it being cooked and it has no flavor whatsoever. It isn’t like Ramen noodles which as a flavor without anything added. Even though I still eat the Tofu Shirataki, I just got the one without tofu and it is very similar. The one without tofu is 0 cal which is a plus.


I did some more research on Shirataki noodles in order to expand my ideas with recipes. I found that the reason that my shirataki noodles may have turned into mush was because it expired. It seems Shirataki noodles is still good for a year and even after it is still edible however it would turn to mush if cooked too long. These noodles also apparently shrink and become thinner, something it seems some people like. I went to the store that I used to get my Tofu Shirataki noodles, and looked at the for an expiration date. Lo and behold, it was expired by over a year. I even saw some in the store expired by over 2 years. It seems that non expired shirataki noodles will become alot more chewy if cooked too long. My mom used it in stir fry, and I have also tried it baked which is also a great idea. I been lazy and not just use any boullion cube with the noodles and that works fine…I just let it sit in the seasoning for a few hours to take the flavor of the soup.

ErinnValmora, NM

Im impressed!

I tried both these and just the plain shirataki noodles with zero calories purchased at my local Asian market and I prefer these the best. The plain Shirataki feel like a noodle shaped gummie candy when you eat them…not as hard but too ‘slippery’..The House Brand with tofu didn’t have that same ‘slippery’ taste. I didnt find preperation to be that bothersome as a couple of posters have mentioned. I just open them and pour them in a strainer and let the water run over them throughly, flipping them once or twice to get them rinsed well then I toss them in a pan of boiling water for about 15 seconds (they’re already cooked) drain and season them however I wish. They have been a great addition to my low calorie diet. I just tried them last night with a packet of seasoning from a box of Suddenly Salad (classic) and I was in heaven…40 calories for the WHOLE bag!
AndriaThompson, IA

Fantastic Product

How nice it is to no longer be deprived of pasta and noodles. If you follow a low carb lifestyle, then House Foods Shirataki (Tofu) Noodles are heaven sent. I’ve been enjoying this product for well over a year and I’m so very happy to have found it. I heard about it on the Dr. Oz show and ran right out and bought some. I’ve tried the fettucine and spaghetti noodles also, but the angel hair is the most versatile. People who found them too rubbery probably did not follow the package directions. For best results, they have to be thoroughly rinsed and parboiled for at least three minutes. I am also amazed at how forgiving this product is. Once I got distracted and let the noodles simmer for almost 20 minutes and they STILL turned out fine. Maybe even better! If you want that ramen-like flavor do this: after parboiling and drying, saute them over high heat in a skillet with peanut oil and/or sesame oil, or hot chile oil. Add a few shakes of salt, onion & garlic powder and toss. Then just carry on with your recipe. They’re very much like rice noodles so you won’t miss a beat with stir-frys and noodle soups. I’ve also had great success with Italian dishes. I’ve used them with meatballs or Italian sausage in Marinara sauce. Also, with shrimp & scallops in a cream & wine sauce, just to name a few. Topped with grated, melted cheese, I got ALL of the joy and practically none of the carbs. However, one package really only serves one. This is an excellent, healthy alternative to pasta and noodles that will not wreak havoc upon your glycemic index. Good cooks will have no problem incorporating this into their menu planning.
KyokoStilwell, OK

Great noodles

They are great. I love them and eat them every day. They are less expensive at the grocery store than online.
EllySalt Flat, TX

This is my favorite variety of shirataki noodles

I’m trying to limit my carbs but I am a noodle addict. I’ve tried several varieties of shirataki noodles, different shapes, with and without tofu and I like these ones best. The thicker ones just have a weird texture to me – too gummy and gelatinous. The angel hair ones come out very similar to thin rice noodles. They’re pretty easy to use compared to cooking any pasta from dry. Just give them a rinse and parboil for about 2 minutes and dry them off before putting them in whatever you’re cooking. In my opinion, they do not work well in place of semolina pasta – they are much more like rice noodles with very little flavor of their own. I especially like them in seafood curry stir-fry – masks any fishy smell that might still be on them.
CarlosHuntsville, IL

A delicious way to save on your WW points!!

I first discovered these while searching through some Hungry Girl recipes. I simply dump the bag into a colander and rinse well, removing all of the water that the noodles were packed in. Then I blot them dry and throw them on a microwaveable plate and microwave for 1 minute. I again blot all the excess water and microwave for one more minute. That way the noodles are cooked, the “weird odor” is completely gone, and the noodles are similar to al dente. I just dump whatever my sauce/concoction I made for the noodles over it and toss! If it seems time consuming with the microwave- think about waiting 12-14 minutes for pasta to boil- not to mention time for the water to come to a boil ;).

I would buy these noodles in a HEARTBEAT on here, but that’s just highway robbery to pay 10$ in shipping!! I’m going to give Miracle Noodles a try because I can’t afford to pay 28$ for a few bags of noodles and they have free shipping. C’mon House Foods!! 10$?

WendolynHorton, MI

Great Asia Noodle

If you are looking for something to substitute for pasta this ain’t it. These are great for asian dishes like noodle soup, stir fry etc. We love them and a side benefit is they are good for you. If you want a wheat pasta substitute try the rice pasta (not the asian rice noodles), just do not over cook them.
PalmiraMentone, CA

a diet saver

Let me start by admitting that I am no fan of most food substitutes. Vegan cheese is the perhaps the most disgusting food on earth, sugar substitutes make me bitter, and tofu dogs are like some kind of rank joke to me. But my favorite food is spaghetti, and pasta is very limited on any healthy diet.

Enter these noodles! I rinsed them in hot water, mixed in with some hot tomato-basil pasta sauce, a few ounces of ground turkey breast meat, and topped it with a couple tablespoons of parmesan cheese, and I had a perfectly acceptable bowl of spaghetti for under 300 calories. Add a nice veggie to the meal, and you are eating like a true health pro.

Next, I am going to try Miracle Noodles in an Asian stir-fry. Hurray for shirataki noodles!

LoreeStanton, IA

Great as low carb option!

I read about this on a diabetes forum and decided to try it out. I have a history of gestational diabetes, so when I found out I was pregnant again, I became very interested in lo carb options to control my diabetes through diet. These are great! I was warned about the smell, so a quick blanch took care of it. I did a peanut chili sauce and I loved it. Am going to buy loads more.

Pros: lo carb, easy to prepare
Cons: texture is definitely more rubbery, not exactly like regular wheat pasta

JasminTuscaloosa, AL

You Must Buy These-just like Angel Hair Pasta!

OK, you may have tried the regular Shirataki noodles. They have a texture nothing like a noodle.

These Tofu noodles are excellent!! I purchased them and have used them with tomato sauce, Asian dressing in a cold noodle salad, and also in a fritata with eggs and sauteed veggies.

Just rinse under cold water for 2-3 minutes, then microwave for 2 minutes, pat dry and go for it.


ElroyMoody, AL

YUMMY if you can cook

I LOVE these noodles. You HAVE to cook them right, drain and rinse or they WON’T be tasty. I drain them and rinse until very little scent of soy is left then add to HOT pan with a little coconut oil. I add garlic, onion, red pepper flakes and a little salt and cook for a while then i eat em like ramen with a slice of cheese . Very good diet food.
TrevorSandston, VA

Good for Asian-style food, but pricey per serving

I bought 3 pasta shape varieties of these 8 oz. 2-serving bags of noodles in liquid in the refrigerated tofu section of our local grocery store for $1.99 per bag yesterday. I am puzzled how they can be sold and shipped since the front of the bag states “perishable – keep refrigerated”. I opened the bag and smelled the noodles, and they did have a rather strange, strong odor. I immediate poured the noodles into a strainer and then rinsed them under cold water. I put them in a sauce pan with a small amount of Lorivo expeller-pressed peanut oil and let them sit for a while, stirring occasionally. I decided to add Guilin chili sauce, garlic powder, powdered ginger, a small amount rice vinegar, water, 3 – 4 tsp. coconut sap sugar and 1/2 large can drained bean sprouts. I warmed this mixture for awhile – maybe 20 or more minutes. It worked! I created a palatable side dish with a good- tasting broth and appealing consistency.

I served this side dish with broiled tuna, mahi mahi, and a Spring greens salad mix with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
I wish that these noodles were available in larger sized bags at a lower price per serving, but $1 per person for two modest serving sizes per bag isn’t outrageous unless you compare this with the cost of regular pasta. I added the bean sprouts because the noodles alone didn’t look like enough food for 3 people, and I thought that adding bean sprouts would offset any texture issues with the noodles. This recipe has now worked out twice with no real concern about cooking time for the noodles. Maybe the vinegar is the key, but the noodles are just like any other noodles when prepared this way and they make a great noodles with Asian-style broth meal or side dish. And finally … a use for those canned bean sprouts!

Update: I have now mixed these with baked tofu and Asian-style sauce. That combo worked out great. Also I took the wide noodles, rinsed them and then put them in spaghetti sauce to simmer. They tasted fine. Texture-wise, they will always be somewhat slimy and slippery and not al dente like well-prepared pasta, but otherwise, they worked out well. Just remember – just 40 calories – in an entire bag! And next to no carbohydrates!

RethaMorrison, IL

couldn’t handle the texture

After following the directions to the t I was completely unable to stomach this product. It was a little crunchy and very jelly-like. This was just a huge waste of money for me and very disappointing because I was really excited to think I had found such a low calorie substitute for regular pasta.
EuraBrush Prairie, WA

Surprisingly noodle like

I really like these little noodles. I am on the Dukan diet and I really miss pasta, so I thought I’d give the tofu noodles a try. I followed the directions on the package to rinse thoroughly, drain, and then heat for a minute or so in the microwave to dry them out. I used a couple of very short sprays of oil and stir fried them with fresh garlic, canned chopped tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and then added some scallions and cilantro at the end. Very delicious and hit the spot for my pasta craving! I will definitely purchase again!
LianeEast Worcester, NY

Fantastic and Delicious

Don’t let the stories of tough preparation fool you; these are no more difficult to prepare than regular pasta. I rinse it in a colander to get rid of the musty smell and throw into boiling water for a couple of minutes. Then I pan fry them with sauce, spinach, garlic, mushrooms- whatever I’m in the mood for. It’s a great meal for under 100 calories.
KymIrene, SD

Cindi O

This product is great if you are looking for low carb… I do what is says on the package add some sauce and vegetables, and you have a great dinner… It actually tastes good toooo. I would buy this again..
MarvaDixon, IA


I love the Tofu Shirataki noodles (angel hair, spaghetti & fettucini). I eat 2 bags most days. Very filling and only 40 calories. I am not much of a cook. I prefer the simplest of methods to cook. I rinse off quickly in cool water, then throw on a non-stick frying pan. I used to use Olive Oil but have found I don’t need that, either. I sprinkle with Mrs. Dash or Vogue vegetarian chicken base. Just stir for a couple of minutes to get some of the water out. It’s great. Last night I brought an unopened bag to a Cajun restaurant with me, and they agreed to cook with it in place of the traditional pasta that was supposed to come with my meal. The owner was surprised how much it tasted like pasta. For breakfast I sometimes use a little Almond Milk and Stevia for sweetener. I think they taste GREATTTTT, very very similar to pasta (unlike the shirataki without the tofu that isn’t refrigerated and is more gel-like and not as similar to pasta). The product is great for your digestion and fills you up. I often stir-fry one and put into a plastic container with cooked vegetables and reheat for lunch. I’m addicted to House Foods Tofu Shirataki. However, if possible, search at your local grocery stores. The shipping online is expensive because it needs to be refrigerated. Highly recommend!!
IzolaCamino, CA


They came fast and the bags are in good shape. You really have to be sure to wash and dry these several times. I just put a simple tomato sauce on it and it didn’t taste bad at all. But you have to wash them very good and then heat them with what ever sauce you are going to use.
DagmarPrinceton, ME

At first I hated them

They kind of have an acquired consistency that you need to get used to. The texture reminds me sort of like cooked mushrooms. They have a slightly rubbery snap to them. The first time I tried them I hated them. I started the Atkins diet and now that I never eat chips or pasta I have learned to get used to them, then I started really liking them. The first time I boiled them way too long and the recipe I made with them wasn’t good. Just mix in RAGU and pour cheese on top and you have guilt free spaghetti. I even took Alfredo sauce which usually has like 3 carbs per serving? mixed that in there, fast, simple, and NO CARBS it’s crazy. The fact that they are so guilt free made me have an acquired taste for them. Being that they are tofu, they would totally taste amazing fried up in stir fry, the texture would work well for that most definitely. So give them a couple tries, or check out some good recipies online and take your time with them, they are worth it.
LalaCoalton, OH

Prep is the WORD

I LOVE these noodles and I really enjoy them in place of ramen. For those dieting, Ramen is the worst thing you can eat, boasting 65% of your daily saturated fat due to the palm oil. To prepare, I rinse well with hot water or drop in boiling water for a minute (best) the let dry. As for flavoring, I find these to work best in “Soup” applications with strong flavors. Like tofu, these will absorb whatever they are cooked in. My fave and easiest method is to simply sacrifice a $0.20 Run of the mill beef ramen, steal the flavor pack, and cook my noodles in the broth. I also add Heinz reduced sugar ketchup to add body to the sauce and give it a lip smacking goodness. A bit frugal, but it is really good. I have given this to other people and they dont even realize its not the real deal. Prep, Boil, Add to flavorful broth. Done.
PhylissSavannah, NY

Tofu Shirataki noodles angel hair

These are alright. Def. have to rinse them the odor is not pleasant. The texture is strange a little chewy. They are filling and need to be spiced up with something. Not sure if I will buy again.
HowardPoneto, IN

Closest thing to pasta yet

I heard about these through and am so glad I tried them. I kept hearing how I should replace pasta with spaghetti squash and found the texture and taste to be unsatisfying. Although these need to be rinsed well and patted thoroughly dry, I think these are the closest thing to real pasta at about 10% of the calories. I have tried the fettuccine and the macaroni, both which I like, but the angel hair shape is the best. Works great with the Hungry-girl recipe on the back too. YUM! I highly recommend. The seller also sent these to me so quickly and at no additional shipping price for my multiple orders.
BerneiceBardwell, KY

So much better than the Non Tofu Shirataki!

I have tried both the Tofu Shirataki and the Non Tofu Shirataki. The non-tofu variety is very gel/gummy (literally like little strands of flavorless gummy worms). I ate the non-tofu noodles, because, hey they are sooo low calorie/carb. But now that I’ve tried the tofu shirataki which contains only 20 calories per serving, I am sold on the tofu shirataki. Tofu noodles were more like ramen noodle consistency. Perhaps not the exact same texture as a real flour based noodle, but for the calories and carb content these are excellent!

As with any shirataki noodle, you do have to make sure you wash, wash and wash them some more. If there is any scent at all, you have not washed them enough. About 2 or 3 minutes seems to do the trick for me. I made a low carb peach kugel (dessert) with the fettuccine and a stir fry with the angel hair. I just could not believe how much better they were than the non tofu variety.

I was also very impressed with the seller (Low Carb You Foods). These arrived within 2 days on regular shipping, shipping all the way across the country. And, I bought 2 different varieties with no additional charge on the shipping! I will certainly be back again.

MayaWilburton, PA

Shirataki noodles are definitely guilt free!

These noodles are best when used in stir fry or with an Alfredo sauce. Tried them as spaghetti and I’m sorry to say they were not good.
ArmandinaGalesburg, KS