Tom Clark Originals Cranberry Clusters, 10-Ounce Bags

Tom Clark Originals Cranberry Clusters comes in 10 ounce bag. Popcorn clusters with Cranberries, Pecans, Cashews and Almonds. You will be delighted with the rich and luscious flavor of fresh cranberries in his new Cranberry Clusters. Only the finest ingredients such as pure AA butter, premium popcorn, pure vanilla and jumbo quality toasted nuts. For more than 60 years, Tom Clark Confections has been making delicious caramel corn clusters and more recently, Yaya’s all natural ready-to-eat popcorns. It also make private label and co-pack caramel corn and popcorn products for an impressive line-up of national and regional retailers and manufacturers. Food safety is our highest priority.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 10-ounce bags (total of 120 ounce)
  • Contains natural flavor
  • Popcorn clusters
  • Comes in resealable fresh package
  • Product of USA

Top reviews

Very Tasty

At a couple bucks a bag indulge yourself! Heavy with the caramel and the flavor, a bit light on the nuts-but they are in there. The cranberries are a very nice touch if you like something chewy with your caramel corn. Comparable to Poppycock but a bit more flavor and lighter on the nuts, a very good change of pace.
MillieGrovespring, MO

Carmel Corn Clusters with Cranberries and Nuts!

This was a really surprising delicious caramel corn. The kernels were very large and the caramel was really buttery and flavorful. There were not as many cranberries as advertised on the package but it was a tasty treat.
This is not for anyone with tender teeth as the nuts would easily cause some folks to seek dental work after consuming. The almonds in particular were very tough to chew and the caramel is a tougher type akin to hardball/crack stage of making homemade caramel.
This product is of a much denser consistency than the typical grocery store Fiddle Faddle or Cracker Jack brands.
Overall it was something completely different and would be enjoyed by most at the holidays.
LavondaBlanchard, IA