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G R E A T……O L D……F A V O U R I T E…..( A l s o…h a s.. o t h e r…v e r s i o n,…w i t h…n e w ..t w i s t..).

I grew up in New York City, and fondly remember the jingle, “Conta-dina…tomato…sauce….New York’s…best…selling…brand!”

This is Contadina Tomato PASTE, of course, not the sauce — but it’s made by the same people, and, unlike the tomato sauce, I have actually tried the Contadina Tomato PASTE.

Tomato paste is similar in all brands. Look at the ingredient panel. The ingredient (usually), is just “tomatoes”. The only exception are brands like “Muir Glen”, (also sold on, which is Organic. (Sadly, “Del Monte”-a large corporation — also sold organic tomato paste for a while, but no longer does. Please sell it again, Del Monte — and I, and I’m sure many others — will buy it!)

In the meantime, Contadina tomato paste is as good as any other. In some ways, it is preferable to other brands. Why? Well, one reason is the picture on the can. Instead of just tomatoes, as other brands have, Contadina tomato paste features a pretty lady, and in the background, an Italian tomato grove. It’s buildings seem beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, as Italian buildings sometimes are. If one is of a creative mind-set, looking at these buildings, (and the pretty lady), could, possibly, be the start of an interesting story to write…which might even become a best-seller and featured on Amazon!

A more practical reason why (another type of) Contadina tomato sauce might be purchased is this: Contadina ALSO makes, (in 6 ounce cans), an “Italian Style” tomato paste. Though not the item featured here, it is certainly something to look for….hopefully, in the future on Amazon, and right now, in your local supermarket or warehouse store. “Italian Style” Contadina tomato paste, in addition to mainly consisting of tomatoes, ALSO has a few spices and herbs. These (to me), expertly chosen and blended herbs, add to the flavouring, and make for a tastier dish!

As for the plain tomato paste being reviewed here, it’s as good as any other brand — plus you get that nice picture on the label. It’s not organic — but it IS all-natural. Just tomatoes. The 12-ounce size means you don’t have to open the can as often, you have plenty, (if you are preparing more than 2 servings at a time), and a 12-ounce can, because of it’s size, will probably last longer on the shelf than a 6-ounce can, as smaller amounts of any food will spoil faster than larger amounts.

Tomato PASTE -any brand — is, I think, far more economical than tomato sauce. Tomato sauce usually includes “water” as an ingredient, and most people can add that themselves! Diluted, and with different ingredients added, tomato paste can become tomato soup, tomato juice…even tomato sauce! If you don’t want the bother of growing and/or canning your own tomatoes, just buying tomato PASTE at the store seems an economical, tasty, and very easy-to-prepare choice!

“Contadina Tomato Sauce — New York’s Best-Selling Brand.” I haven’t heard that jingle in quite a while…so it might not be true any more. Still, this is inexpensive, and quite delicious tomato paste. Not organic…but all natural. With that “possibly imagination-engedering” picture on the can, it is, I think, quite a good choice!

KathlynJolo, WV