Tony Chachere’s Base Creole Cream Sauce, 1.3-Ounce

Whether you are looking for a creamy topping for pasta, fish, or potatoes, this is the base for you. You add water and your choice of meat and we supply the perfect blend of spices to create this decadent, silky sauce in minutes.

Quick facts

  • No MSG
  • No Fat
  • No Colesterol
  • Perfect for restaurants or at home in your kitchen
  • Ideal for Pastas, Seafood, and Bisques

Top reviews

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I tried this for the first time lately, I had two packets in the cupboard and needed a meal for friend’s I just added a 1Kg of seafood extender 500 gm seafood mix and some light cheese on top, It made a great meal with very little work,
Everyone wanted the Recipe !
KrystleTridell, UT