Tony Roma’s BBQ Sauce, Bold & Spicy, 43-Ounce


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Everytime, silence at my dinner table, even my classy lady wears it as she eats!

I have been the one selecting bbq sauce when shopping since I was 12 and I have been a fan of few. Tony Roma’s Bold and Spicy is hands down my absolute favorite! The very first time I chose it I warned my girlfriend of how spicy it is as she sat down to eat dinner, I tasted it before applying. When I finally made it to the dinner table I couldn’t help but notice that her and my daughter who do not like spicy very often were completely silent and covered cheek to cheek in bbq sauce. I smiled, grabbed my rib and bit into the most tastiest and spicy rib that I have ever grilled. I grow up in San Diego, CA and bbq’s are a way of life there. I now live in Oregon and grill every time the sun has shined and the evening is dry. Tony Roma’s Bold and Spicy truly is the best store bought sauce!
SergioYork Springs, PA