Too Good Gourmet Be Mine Chocolate Cherry Cookies, 7-Ounce Gift Boxes

Unique gift box looks like a valentine envelope just waiting for you to open. Box decorated with the words Be Mine. Contain chocolate cherry cookies. More than 8 years ago, Too Good Gourmet was started by a mother/daughter team with a passion for baking and bringing making people smile. We are committed to providing quality products, irresistible packaging, exceptional pricing, and superior customer service.

Quick facts

  • Cherry colored box looks like an envelope just waiting to be opened
  • Each box holds seven ounces of delicious Chocolate Cherry Cookies
  • Send a special Valentine greeting to a special friend
  • Each box is 8.5″ tall, 4.25″ wide and 2.5″ deep
  • Too Good Gourmet is famous for their cookies and beautiful keepsake gift boxes, share one today

Top reviews

Blah Blah Blah

For all the fancy packaging this company uses to sell their cookies you’d think two things. One that the packaging was well done and looked good after shipping which wasn’t the case. The glued on decorations weren’t still intact. Two, and the more important one is the cookies should taste as good as the packaging they are being sent in. These cookies had almost no flavor. KEYLIME wasn’t the flavor there was hardly a hint of citrus to them. Mostly tasted like a really buttery sugar cookie with a powered sugar coating. This is not the first keylime cookie I have tried and the other wasn’t much better. I have had a wonderful keylime cookie in the Cambridge area of Boston in a large whole foods grocery so I know they do exist! But don’t waste your money on these like I did.
EladiaBlanch, NC

Good little cookies in a Cute little birdhouse

I purchased these for birthday gift add-ons for a couple little girls I know – the adorable little birdhouse packaging was a big hit! After the cookies are gone, the birdhouse looks cute on a shelf and provides imaginative play for them. The cherry flavor is actually pretty mild, and combined with the faint vanilla undertones makes a delicious little cookie! Heavy coating of confectioner’s powdered sugar but still not too sweet. I couldn’t de-code the manufacturer’s expiration date (lose a star in the rating), but they tasted crisp and fresh (these are like the mexican wedding cake cookies but instead of nut flavor, cherry). I wouldn’t normally spend this much on a pound of cookies, but they were on sale and it was a special occasion… They made me smile, and made the little girls smile, and sometimes that is priceless.
CarolLincoln, MO

Wonderful table favors

I purchased both the almond cookies and the plain shortbread. One box looked like a tea shop and the other like an English cottage. I liked the almond better, but the shortbread still got eaten promptly. I was happy that the ingredients were wholesome, not like supermarket cookie ingredients. These make spectacularly nice table favors (mine were used at an afternoon tea). I would buy these again, and I look forward to using some of the other shapes for other events.
JarodUnion, SC

Pleasant Surprise

It’s a very tasty desert if you like lemon cakes and cookies. Besides it could be a great little present. When ordering it I had some doubts but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise from the local SF Bay Area manufacturer.
LilianVallejo, CA

Excellent Key Lime Cookies

I only gave this a 4 star review because; although, the cookies were very tasty, all the boxes of cookies came with part of their decorations falling off. I had to reglue all of the flowers. Obviously, this is a problem, because the company on four of the packages tried to reattach the flowers with folded over packing tape.
MarquisLawndale, IL