Tootsie Pops Lemon Lime 60 pops

Get a bag of 60 of the Lemon Lime Tootsie pops, and only the Lemon Lime ones! Try this brand new flavor of Tootsie Pops and see what you think!

Quick facts

  • Lemon Lime Tootsie pops
  • Get 60 pops
  • Lemon Lime flavor
  • Bright Green wrapper

Top reviews

Wonderful Service. Great product.

I ordered a bag of these pops on a Sunday and received them Tuesday morning! They arrived in perfect condition. I was afraid they might not be fresh since Lemon Lime is not a popular flavor; however, they were extremely fresh and good. I will definitely be ordering again from Candy Mafia.
VenicePhiladelphia, MO

“The Original Kojack”

A retired Senior this yr., thanks to the show Kojack, w/Telly Selvalis yrs. ago, I can eat my tootsie pop at any time. Having the opportunity to order the lemon & lime, that I loved back in the 50’s, life is looking and licking good!
JeaneWilliamsburg, NM

Lemon Lime Happiness

The Lemon Lime tootsie pops are a favorite of a staff member of our organization. They can’t be found in the local stores in the quantity available through Amazon. The pops were an appreciated birthday present!
LilliJones, OK