Torani Blue Raspberry Syrup, 750 mL

Torani Syrups are made with pure cane sugar, natural flavors and cold-filtered water. Each flavor is carefully crafted until it achieves our gold standard.

Quick facts

  • Adds a rich, indulgent flavor to your beverages
  • Served with hot or cold dinks
  • Pure cane sugar & Naturally Flavored
  • #1 consumer brand in the United States
  • 750 mL bottle

Top reviews

be very sure

Please be aware that Cash & Carry has a huge selection of flavored syrups, for about $4.50/bottle. If you are purchasing from Specialty Restaurant Equipment, be very certain of your order. I bought 2 bottles and after about $11/bottle, plus $13.50 in shipping, I requested to return it, due to a duplicate order. Their response was that after the re-stocking fee and shipping reimbursement, I would have only received a $3 refund. So yes, we will be keeping the syrup and I’m sure it will stay in our pantry for at least 5 years. Our stupid mistake, but I think the vendor needs to reconsider about restocking fees unless they sell to actual businesses.
BritniAsbury, MO